Dr Lee Merritt: If you’re vaccinated & under 39, you’re 260 times more likely to die from COVID-19 Lee Merritt 博士:如果您接種了疫苗且年齡在 39 歲以下,那麼您死於 COVID-19 的可能性要高 260 倍

Watch the video through the end. Dr. Lee Merritt cited studies as showing that people who got a covid 19 vaccine before 39 year old would be 360 times more likely to die when infected with covid 19 virus in the future, than if not vaccinated. For those 60 years old or older, the increase in the risk of death from a future covid 19 infection would be 30 times higher if they get vaccinated.

觀看視頻直到最後。 Lee Merritt 博士引用的研究表明,在 39 歲之前接種了 covid 19 疫苗的人在未來感染 covid 19 病毒時死亡的可能性是未接種疫苗的人的 360 倍。 對於 60 歲或以上的人,如果他們接種疫苗,未來因感染 covid 19 而死亡的風險將增加 30 倍。

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