Frontline doctor: Millions will develop AIDS from COVID jabs | 前線醫生:數以百萬計的人將因新冠疫苗接種而患上艾滋病

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Image: Frontline doctor: Millions will develop AIDS from COVID jabs

(Natural News) A Florida-based physician of osteopathic medicine is warning that in just a few short months, millions of people who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) will develop full-blown AIDS.

佛羅里達州的一位整骨醫學醫生警告說,在短短幾個月內,數百萬“接種”了武漢冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) 疫苗的人將患上全面的艾滋病。

Dr. Elizabeth Eads, who has been working in her field for 25 years, told USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter that the triple injected are showing the worst signs of vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS).

已經在她的領域工作了 25 年的 Elizabeth Eads 博士告訴 USA Watchdog 的 Greg Hunter,三次注射顯示出疫苗誘發的艾滋病 (VAIDS) 的最嚴重跡象。

Eads and her team are trying to come up with remedies to help them, but the situation is difficult. So far, they have tried hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin, but nothing is helping her jab-damaged patients.

Eads 和她的團隊正試圖想出補救措施來幫助他們,但情況很困難。 到目前為止,他們已經嘗試過羥氯喹 (HCQ) 和伊維菌素,但沒有任何東西可以幫助她的受刺傷的患者。

“Yes, we are seeing vaccine-related acquired immunodeficiency in the hospital now from the triple vaxxed,” Eads said. “It is a vax injury, and we are not really certain how to treat this. We are kind of throwing the kitchen sink at it. We are trying to use everything we can think of to boost up the CD4 and CD8 counts and reverse this collapse, this calamity of immune collapse. It’s very stunning.”

“是的,我們現在從三聯疫苗中看到醫院中與疫苗相關的獲得性免疫缺陷,”Eads 說。 “這是一种血管損傷,我們不確定如何治療。 我們有點像把廚房水槽扔給它。 我們正在嘗試使用我們能想到的一切來增加 CD4 和 CD8 的數量並扭轉這種崩潰,這種免疫崩潰的災難。 這非常令人驚嘆。”

You can watch a video interview with Eads at

您可以在 上觀看對 Eads 的視頻採訪。

COVID “booster” shots are the “kill shot,” Eads warns

Eads 警告說,COVID 的“助推器”是“致命一擊”

Eads said she is seeing a trend where the people who are the worst-off in terms of showing autoimmune or neurodegenerative symptoms are those who took the most injections.

Eads 說,她看到了一種趨勢,即在表現出自身免疫或神經退行性症狀方面最糟糕的人是那些接受最多注射的人。

The triple-shot, in other words, have basically destroyed their immune systems. The single- and double-shot might be able to recover, or perhaps it is just taking a lot longer for their damaged immune systems to degrade.

換句話說,三連擊基本上已經破壞了他們的免疫系統。 單發和雙發可能能夠恢復,或者他們受損的免疫系統可能需要更長的時間才能降解。


Eads said the third injection is a “kill shot” or a “money ball” because of how “devastating” it is to the immune system.

Eads 說,第三次注射是“致命一擊”或“金錢球”,因為它對免疫系統有多麼“破壞性”。

“If you look at the recent Stanford study, and I am just going to read a couple of sentences from the Stanford study: ‘The spike protein in the COVID-19 vaccines that everyone is talking about is called the lentivirus. The lenti contains a combination of HIV, types one through three, SRV/1, which is AIDS, MERS and SARS,’” she explained.

“如果你看一下最近的斯坦福研究,我只想讀一下斯坦福研究中的幾句話:‘每個人都在談論的 COVID-19 疫苗中的刺突蛋白被稱為慢病毒。 lenti 包含 HIV、1 到 3 型、SRV/1 的組合,即 AIDS、MERS 和 SARS,”她解釋說。

“In the Stanford study, the best-known lentivirus is the human immune deficiency pathogen, which causes AIDS. This is why we are seeing autoimmune and neurodegenerative decline after the COVID-19 vaccine, especially the booster. It permanently changes the genome of the cell. That is why this is so terrifying to us in the medical community. We just don’t know how to attack this.”

“在斯坦福大學的研究中,最著名的慢病毒是導致艾滋病的人類免疫缺陷病原體。 這就是為什麼我們在 COVID-19 疫苗(尤其是加強劑)後看到自身免疫和神經退行性下降的原因。 它永久性地改變了細胞的基因組。 這就是為什麼這對醫學界的我們來說如此可怕。 我們只是不知道如何攻擊它。”

According to Eads, the spike lentivirus is made up of HIV and AIDS, along with SARS and MERS. This, she said, is why both the vaccinated and the “boosted” are getting seriously ill and dying.

根據 Eads 的說法,尖峰慢病毒由 HIV 和 AIDS 以及 SARS 和 MERS 組成。 她說,這就是為什麼接種疫苗和“增強”的人都病重並死亡的原因。

“That’s why they dominate the hospitalizations regarding COVID illness as well,” Eads emphasized.

“這就是為什麼他們在 COVID 疾病的住院治療中也占主導地位,”Eads 強調說。

From about April through the summer, Eads expects to see a whole lot more cases of AIDS diagnosed in the fully vaccinated, and especially in the 18-39 age demographic. Over the next year, the fully jabbed in their 40s and 50s will catch up with the younger group as their immune systems start to collapse.

從大約 4 月到夏天,Eads 預計在完全接種疫苗的人群中,尤其是在 18-39 歲的人群中,會看到更多被診斷出的艾滋病病例。 在接下來的一年裡,隨著免疫系統開始崩潰,40 多歲和 50 多歲的人將趕上年輕人群。

A U.K. Health Security Agency study found that fully jabbed people in the 30-70 age demographic have already lost about 70 percent of their immune system capacity. That percentage will only continue to increase in the coming months and years.

英國衛生安全局的一項研究發現,在 30-70 歲的人群中,被完全刺傷的人已經失去了大約 70% 的免疫系統能力。 這個百分比只會在未來幾個月和幾年內繼續增加。

Another thing we are seeing is a sharp uptick in cancer cases among the fully jabbed. Malignant neo-plasma of the esophagus is up 794 percent while malignant neo-plasma of the stomach, colon and pancreas is up 524 percent.

我們看到的另一件事是完全刺痛的癌症病例急劇上升。 食道惡性腫瘤增加了 794%,而胃、結腸和胰腺惡性腫瘤增加了 524%。

“Breast cancer up 387 percent, ovarian cancer up 537 percent, testicular cancer up 269 percent. These are numbers from 2021,” Eads further revealed.

“乳腺癌上升了 387%,卵巢癌上升了 537%,睾丸癌上升了 269%。 這些是 2021 年的數字,”Eads 進一步透露。

People everywhere are developing serious chronic illnesses or dying due to Fauci Flu shots. You can keep up with the latest at

世界各地的人們都因福奇流感疫苗而患上嚴重的慢性疾病或死亡。 您可以在 上了解最新信息。

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