Fully Vaccinated Colin Powell Dies of COVID-19 Complications | 接種疫苗的科林鮑威爾死於 COVID-19 並發症

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Colin Powell died of covid 19 complications.  His family announced that he had been fully vaccinated.  But he still got infected and died of covid 19 complications, some people speculated.

CNN reported the story, but still did not forget to say that vaccines are safe and effective and deaths of vaccinated people from covid 19 are rare.  (That can be sure.  But the vaccines per se are not safe.  More tahn 16000 American deaths from vaccines have been reported to VAERS already.)

It can be surely stated that he did get infected with covid 19 after he was fully vaccinated.  CNN played dumb saying they do not know if he received the boost shot. It remains unknown whether his death was caused by covid 19 complications or the vaccines itself.

One thing for sure covid 19 vaccines many people believe can cause more harm than good, particularly to young (the myocarditis risk is 28 times higher in young people) and old people who are fragile already, a toxic vaccine is enough to kill them.  It has been reported that vaccines kill more people than save.

科林鮑威爾死於covid 19並發症。他的家人宣布他已完全接種疫苗。但有人推測,他仍然感染並死於covid 19並發症。

美國有線電視新聞網報導了這個故事,但仍然沒有忘記說疫苗是安全有效的,因covid 19接種疫苗的人死亡很少見。 (這是可以肯定的。但疫苗本身並不安全。已經向 VAERS 報告了超過 16000 名美國人死於疫苗。)

可以肯定地說,他在完全接種疫苗後確實感染了covid 19。 CNN 裝傻,說他們不知道他是否收到了加強疫苗。目前尚不清楚他的死是由covid 19並發症還是疫苗本身引起的。

可以肯定的是,許多人認為 covid 19 疫苗弊大於利,尤其是對年輕人(年輕人的心肌炎風險高 28 倍)和已經很脆弱的老年人,有毒疫苗足以殺死他們。據報導,疫苗殺死的人多於拯救的人。

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