Suramin may be the ultimate protection against viral infections | 蘇拉明可能是抵禦病毒感染的終極保護措施

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Update:  An early study published in 2020 also pointed to a possibility that suramin may be used to prevent covid 19.  Wanchao Yin’s study was published in Nature in May 2021.

Sars Cov 2 and many others need RNA polymerase to replicate themselves.  Research suggests that suramin, a medication that is highly effective in treating autism, can be 20 times more effective than the currently only approved antiviral drug remdesivir at inhibiting covid 19.

The research conducted by Wanchao Yin and colleagues from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica in Shanghai, China, and published on found that suramin inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) by blocking the binding of RNA to the enzyme.  (update 12/24/2021, the study was published in Nature in May 2021)

Another study also suggests that the antiparasitic drug suramin can be a potent preventative and treatment for covid 19.

Dr. Judy Mikovits suggests that suramin is the only antidote to graphene oxide which is used in large quantities (99% content of the vaccines) in all covid 19 vaccines currently available on the market. Graphene oxide, which is a known toxin and can be used to carry drugs or gene therapy to targets in the body, has been detected by Spanish researchers.

(It is not clear what Dr. Mikovits means to say, does suramin neutralize graphene oxide, or spike protein or SARS CoV 2 infection (covid 19) or covid vaccines?

Sars Cov 2 和許多其他病毒需要 RNA 聚合酶來複製自己。研究表明,蘇拉明是一種在治療自閉症方面非常有效的藥物,在抑制 covid 19 方面,其效果是目前唯一獲批的抗病毒藥物瑞德西韋的 20 倍。

由中國上海藥物研究所的 Wanchao Yin 及其同事在 上發表的研究發現蘇拉明抑制 SARS-CoV-2 RNA依賴的 RNA 聚合酶 (RdRp) 通過阻斷 RNA 與酶的結合。

另一項研究還表明,抗寄生蟲藥蘇拉明可以有效預防和治療 COVID 19。

Judy Mikovits 博士建議,蘇拉明是氧化石墨烯的唯一解毒劑,在目前市場上的所有 covid 19 疫苗中大量使用(疫苗的 99% 含量)。氧化石墨烯是一種已知的毒素,可用於將藥物或基因療法運送到體內的靶點,已被西班牙研究人員檢測到。

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