Three young doctors die unexpectedly at small hospital just days after 4th COVID vax mandate | 第四次 COVID vax 授權幾天后,三名年輕醫生在小醫院意外死亡

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Image: Three young doctors die unexpectedly at small hospital just days after 4th COVID vax mandate

(Natural News) A small Canadian hospital lost three young doctors within a three-day period, right after a 4th COVID vax mandate was issued for healthcare workers. Trillium Health Partners in Ontario, Canada sent out three memos to their staff just three days apart – mourning the loss of three beloved doctors. The memos did not reveal the cause of these sudden and unexpected deaths, as the hospital continues to push out its 4th COVID vax mandate on healthcare workers.

Hospital CEOs, board members and administrators should be ashamed of themselves for not standing up for the innocent lives who have been lost to the COVID vaccines and all those who have been injured and killed by inhumane and deadly protocols. Hospital systems continue to facilitate needless medical experiments that perpetuate global genocide. These spineless administrators continue to persecute fellow healthcare workers who won’t comply with these deadly and destructive medical experiments. Healthcare workers are literally killing themselves off in cult-like fashion. With each booster, they must prove their allegiance to this cult of vaccination. Booster after booster, they destroy themselves from the inside out.

Small hospital mourns the unexpected loss of three young beloved doctors

The first memo mourns the loss of Dr. Lorne Segall, an otolaryngologist who served as the Division Head of Otolaryngology from 2016 to 2017. Joined Trillium health partners in 2007 and served as an Otolaryngologist at Credit Valley Hospital. He passed away on July 17, 2022 and leaves behind a wife and three children.


The second memo mourns the loss of Dr. Stephen McKenzie, a neurologist at Mississauga hospital. Dr. McKenzie contributed to undergraduate and postgraduate medical education at Trillium Health Partners and at the University of Toronto. He spent much of his time caring for multiple sclerosis patients. He passed away on July 18, 2022.

The third memo mourns the loss of Dr Jakub Sawicki, a member of the Surgical Assisting team at Trillium Health Partners. In 2013, he completed training at the Credit Valley Family Medicine Teaching Unit and began work at Trillium in 2014. He specialized in pain management and became Medical Director of pain medicine clinics within the region, while teaching family medicine residents. He passed away on July 20, 2022.

The cowardice of physicians around the world is daunting

The sudden and unexpected passing of three young medical professionals three days apart should raise alarms throughout the hospital system and throughout Canada, yet Trillium Health Partners will continue to ignore the obvious issue at hand, while pushing out another round of coercive medical malfeasance in their blind worship to “vaccination.”

The most recent government statistics out of Canada (from June 9 to June 19) show that the vaccinated account for 92 percent of covid-19 deaths. In that time period, there were 4,954 covid-19 deaths throughout Canada, and the vaccinated accounted for 3,796 of those deaths. With each additional booster, the percentage of deaths linearly increases. There were 135 deaths for people who took one vaccine, 1,174 deaths for people who took two vaccines, and 2,487 deaths for people who took three vaccines.

To make matters worse, the quadruple vaccinated are driving the majority of the new cases in 2022. Out of the 20,842 COVID-19 cases reported during the same period, the quadruple vaccinated accounted for 13,987 of them. The vaccinated account for 93 percent of the total case count. Not only is the vaccine not working to stop the spread of covid-19, but it is also the driving factor behind new variants that predominantly kill the vaccinated.

The 1,377 COVID-19 hospitalizations during the same time period were also predominantly in the vaccinated population. Approximately 85 percent of hospitalizations are coming from the vaccinated and it’s the quadruple vaccinated (65 percent) who are driving the majority of these hospitalizations.

The Trudeau dictatorship is still requiring these so-called vaccines in order for people to enter the country, and the government continues to pursue discriminatory policies to coerce more people into taking compounding clot shots. In most cases, hospital CEOs and administrators are too afraid to report the truth and stand up for their coworkers, patients and families. As they bow to medical tyranny at each and every turn, they will continue to unexpectedly die at the hands of tyrants.

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