mRNA vaccines may EDIT your genes through “retro-integration” … and the DNA damage might be passed on to future generations mRNA疫苗可能會通過“復古整合”來編輯您的基因……而DNA損傷可能會傳給子孫後代


Friday, April 09, 2021 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) With each passing day, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that mRNA vaccines are a death weapon against humanity. Now, we’re learning that mRNA vaccines may pose a threat to the viability of the human species thanks to the fact that a mechanisms exists whereby mRNA sequences can be transformed into DNA and inserted into your human genome.

This means there is a possibility that mRNA vaccines might turn you into a “genetically engineered” organism, with potentially catastrophic consequences for your own health as well as impacting fertility and future generations. It is technically possible that mRNA vaccines may cause widespread infertility, birth defects or horrific deaths by altering human DNA.

The problem is that nobody knows for sure how many people might be impacted in this way because no long-term safety trials have been conducted. Thus, people taking the vaccine right now are unwittingly taking part in a global vaccine experiment that may alter their own genes and remove them from the human gene pool.

In effect, mRNA vaccines might be the most powerful vector of so-called “natural selection” we’ve ever seen, wherever people remove themselves from the gene pool by rendering their own reproductive capabilities non-functional.

This is all covered in great detail at the Children’s Health Defense website.

That’s the focus of today’s Situation Update podcast, along with a lot of other commentary, including shocking new information about a black book author who is promoting a prayer to “hate white people.” The new “tolerance,” it seems, is to beg God to hate white people. “Hatred” is the new progressivism.

Also, tech companies are throwing billions of dollars into startups that will harvest the blood of children and then transfuse it into the bodies of paying clients. Soon, it seems, harvesting the blood of children will become an FDA-approved business model. America is becoming a “vampire” society run by child traffickers, medical vampires and vaccine zombies.

Get full details on all this and more in today’s Situation Update:

(自然新聞)日趨重要的是,mRNA疫苗已成為危害人類的死亡武器。現在,我們了解到,由於存在一種將mRNA序列轉化為DNA並插入您的人類基因組中的機制,因此mRNA疫苗可能會對人類的生存能力構成威脅。 這意味著mRNA疫苗有可能將您轉變為“基因工程”生物體,對您自己的健康造成潛在的災難性後果,並影響生育能力和子孫後代。

從技術上講,mRNA疫苗可能會通過改變人類DNA引起廣泛的不育症,先天缺陷或可怕的死亡。 問題是,由於沒有進行長期的安全性試驗,因此沒有人能確切地確定有多少人會受到這種影響。因此,目前正在接種疫苗的人們不經意間正在參加一項全球疫苗實驗,該實驗可能會改變自己的基因並將其從人類基因庫中刪除。

實際上,mRNA疫苗可能是我們見過的所謂“自然選擇”的最強大載體,無論人們在哪里通過使自己的生殖能力喪失功能而將自己從基因庫中刪除。 兒童健康防禦網站上對此進行了詳細介紹。 這是今天的“狀態更新”播客的重點,以及許多其他評論,包括令人震驚的有關一位黑皮書作者的新信息,他正在提倡“恨白人”。新的“寬容”似乎是在乞求上帝恨白人。 “仇恨”是新的進步主義。


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