Cinchona bark – best source of quinine – another preventative against covid 19 | 金雞納樹皮-奎寧的最佳來源-另一種預防covid 19的方法

Quinine has been used to prevent and treat malaria before chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were developed.  Chloroquine has proved to be effective in preventing Sars Cov 2, according to a study reported many years ago by Dr. Anthony Fauci who now said that chloroquine is no longer effective in fighting covid 19.

However, chloroquine seems more toxic than hydroxychloroquine (hydroxychloroquine is more water-soluble and easier to get out of the human body because it has an additional hydroxy group attached to the molecule.)  So hydroxychloroquine is preferred.

Not just hydroxychloroquine can help prevent covid 19.  Studies have indicated that many antimalarial medications work similarly well against covid 19.  So in case that hydroxychloroquine is not accessible,  quinine may be used instead.  Quinine as a drug may not be easily available either.  But it can be extracted from cinchona bark which contains about 4 to 5% quinine, the highest content in a plant that has been known thus far.

Quinine has a similar molecular weight as hydroxychloroquine.   To prevent covid 19, one can only use about 400 mg for the first day and then 200 mg per day for a row of 5 days.  Then afterward, 200 mg per week will be enough.   This is for covid 19 prevention.    For detailed instruction on prevention and treatment of covid 19 using hydroxychloroquine, please refer to Dr. Zelenko’s protocol.   The point is, when you use quinine, you may use the same dosage because of their similar molecular weight.

Let us say you want to get 200 mg quinine from cinchona bark.  What you can do is, put  0.2/0.05/0.5= 8 grams of cinchona bark in 2 cups of water in a slow cooker.  Heat it to boil and then simmer for a couple of hours.  (the calculation is based on the assumption that you can get 50% quinine out of the bark.  This method may give you about 200 mg quinine.  This can be very rough.

Over the internet, many vendors are selling cinchona bark.  Pick the one you can trust to buy it.  Some people use grapefruit instead of cinchona bark to get quinine extract.  Often use all peels or rinds from three grapefruits, and add enough water. Cook it the same way forementioned.  Drink the water extract.  Many people have very good experience with this tonic water.

Here is a video to show you how you can make quinine at home.  But the thing made this way is not hydroxychloroquine, but quinine.  Again cinchona bark has the highest content of quinine.

Some reports have suggested that quinine can be used to prevent and treat covid 19.  Check out the original reports.



在開發氯喹和羥氯喹之前,奎寧已被用於預防和治療瘧疾。根據 Anthony Fauci 博士多年前報導的一項研究,氯喹已被證明可有效預防SARS Cov 2,他現在表示氯喹不再能有效對抗covid 19。


不僅羥氯喹可以幫助預防 covid 19。研究表明,許多抗瘧藥物對 covid 19 的效果同樣好。因此,如果無法獲得羥氯喹,則可以使用奎寧代替。奎寧作為一種藥物可能也不容易獲得。但它可以從金雞納樹皮中提取,其中奎寧含量約為 4% 至 5%,這是迄今為止已知植物中含量最高的。

奎寧的分子量與羥氯喹相似。為防止 Covid 19,第一天只能使用約 400 毫克,然後連續 5 天每天使用 200 毫克。然後,每週 200 毫克就足夠了。這是為了預防covid 19。有關使用羥氯喹預防和治療 covid 19 的詳細說明,請參閱 Zelenko 博士的協議。關鍵是,當您使用奎寧時,您可以使用相同的劑量,因為它們的分子量相似。

假設您想從金雞納樹皮中提取 200 毫克奎寧。您可以做的是,將 0.2/0.05/0.5= 8 克金雞納樹皮放入慢燉鍋中的 2 杯水中。把它加熱煮沸,然後燉幾個小時。 (計算基於這樣的假設:您可以從樹皮中提取 50% 的奎寧。這種方法可能會給您大約 200 毫克奎寧。這可能非常粗略。



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