Covid 19 cure 1: Hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin | Covid 19治愈1:羥氯喹加阿奇黴素

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Saturday 11/27/2021 ( — A report released in June 2020 in Travel Medicine and Infectious DiseaseVolume 35, May–June 2020, 101738 indicates that at the early stage of covid 19, treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin can effectively cure covid 19.

Didier Raoult, who is well known microbiologist and expert in infectious diseases, and many of his colleagues analyzed data from 1061 covid 19 patients aged between 14 and 96, who received treatment for at least three days.   The treatment protocol is as follows:  HCQ (200 mg three times daily for ten days) + AZ (500 mg on day 1 followed by 250 mg daily for the next four days).

Results:  The treatment got rid of both symptoms and viruses in 92% within 10 days.  Prolonged viral carriage was seen in 4.4% patients who had a high virus load at diagnosis. In this small group except for one patient, virus could not be found in culture, nor by PCR tests at day 15.

Sixty four or 4.3% patients had poor clinical outcome and 8 died 0.75% (aged 74 to 95 years old).  All deaths results from respiratory failure but not from cardiac toxicity. The poor clinic outcome was associated with older age, severity of illness at admission and low concentration of hydroxychloroquine.

The researchers concluded that “Administration of the HCQ+AZ combination before COVID-19 complications occur is safe and associated with a very low fatality rate in patients.”

In case hydroxychloroquine is not available, some doctors suggest using quercetin.   Quercetin may not 100% substitute for hydroxychloroquine, but one thing in common is that both drive zinc into cells and zinc is the bullet that kills the virus.

Azithromycin as an antibiotic was used along wit hhydroxchloroquine in hope that it can stop other opportune bacterial infections which could be implicated during the covid 19 infection.  This antibiotic may not be essential for low risk patients.


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2020 年 6 月在 Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease Volume 35, May-2020, 101738 上發布的一份報告指出,在 COVID 19 早期,使用羥氯喹和阿奇黴素治療可以有效治愈 COVID 19。

著名微生物學家和傳染病專家迪迪埃·拉烏爾特 (Didier Raoult) 和他的許多同事分析了 1061 名 19 名年齡在 14 至 96 歲之間的患者的數據,這些患者接受了至少三天的治療。治療方案如下:HCQ(200 毫克,每天 3 次,共 10 天)+ AZ(第 1 天 500 毫克,接下來的四天每天 250 毫克)。

結果:治療在 10 天內消除了 92% 的症狀和病毒。在診斷時病毒載量高的患者中,4.4% 的患者出現病毒攜帶時間延長。在這個小組中,除了一名患者外,在第 15 天的培養中和 PCR 測試中均未發現病毒。

64 名或 4.3% 的患者臨床結果不佳,8 名患者死亡 0.75%(74 至 95 歲)。所有死亡都是由呼吸衰竭引起的,但不是由心臟毒性引起的。較差的臨床結果與年齡較大、入院時疾病嚴重程度和羥氯喹濃度低有關。

研究人員得出結論:“在 COVID-19 並發症發生之前使用 HCQ + AZ 組合是安全的,並且患者的死亡率非常低。”

如果沒有羥氯喹,一些醫生建議使用槲皮素。 槲皮素可能無法 100% 替代羥氯喹,但有一個共同點是,兩者都將鋅帶入細胞,而鋅是殺死病毒的子彈。

阿奇黴素作為抗生素與羥氯喹一起使用,希望它能阻止其他可能與 covid 19 感染有關的細菌感染。 這種抗生素對於低風險患者可能不是必需的。

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