Covid 19 prevention and early treatment recommended by FLCCC Alliance FLCCC聯盟推薦的Covid 19預防和早期治療

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance) recommends the following for

General covid 19 prevention

Ivermectin – 0.2 mg/kg take with or after meal twice a week as long as the risk lasts in your community. This is for chronic or long term prevention. If you get covid 19 and prevent severe outcomes from occurring, take 0.4 mg/kg per dose with or after meal on the day you start taking the medicine. And then once very two weeks.

Ivermectin is a new start drug that has been found extremely effective.  News broke that taking this prescription drug can eradicate 97% cases including lots of deaths.

Other preventatives including

Vitamin D3 – 1000 to 3000 IU per day  9 out 10 deaths can be avoided if vitamin D is sufficient.
Vitamin C – 500 to 1000 mg per dose twice a day. Two thirds of death can be prevented with sufficient vitamin C.
Quercetin – 250 mg per day. Queretin itself is anti-covid 19 and also helps get zinc into cells and zinc is critical in boosting immunity against covid 19.
Zinc (elemental, not compound), – 30 to 40 mg per day. The key element in fighting covid 19.
Melatonin – 6 mg prior to bedtime. Melatonin actually help suppress viral duplication.
Gargle mouthwash twice a day (do not swallow it). Cleaning reduces the risk of infection.

Early outpatient protocol

The medicines and supplements are showed below

Ivermectin – 0.4 to 0.6 mg/kg per day for five days or until recovered.  This is antimalarial drug.  Function is similar to hydroxychloroquine – another antimalarial medication.

Fluvoxamine – 50 mg twice a day for 10 to 14 days. Use if when only needed. See details on the FLCCC website/
Vitsmin D – 4000 IU per day
Vitamin C – 500 to 1000 my twice per day (can be higher –
Quercetin – 250mg twice per day
Zinc – 100 mg per day
Melatonin – 10 mg prior to bedtime
Aspirin – 325 mg per day (unless you are not allowed to take it because of contraindication or other medical reasons).  This is to reduce inflammation.

See details on FLCCC website.

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