Early Covid 19 Treatment | Covid 19 早期治疗

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Here is how you can help yourself.

When you experience some symptoms of covid 19 infection such as fever, weakness, muscle pain, take action immediately.

The linked document is a protocl intended to treat early covid infection.  Covid symptoms should disappear with 5 days of treatments (usually 3 days).  This protocol is particularly to at risk individuals such as elderly people and those who have underlying health condition such diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to get highly effective medications such as ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.  Google stops showing up online stores run by Indians and Canadians.  Try different search engines to see if you can find any.



当您出现发烧、虚弱、肌肉疼痛等 covid 19 感染的一些症状时,请立即采取行动。

链接文件是一个旨在治疗早期 covid 感染的协议。 Covid 症状应在 5 天(通常为 3 天)的治疗后消失。 该协议特别适用于高危人群,例如老年人和患有糖尿病、心脏病、高血压等潜在健康状况的人。

不幸的是,要获得伊维菌素或羟氯喹等高效药物并不容易。 谷歌停止显示由印度人和加拿大人经营的在线商店。 尝试不同的搜索引擎,看看是否可以找到。

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