Fasting can help prevent and treat covid 19 | 禁食有助於預防和治療covid 19

More than 50% covid 19 patients particularly those who are older, physically weak or having underlying health conditions tend to have the so called long-haul covid syndrome which is defined as covid 19 that lasts beyond the first four weeks of infection.   Symptoms of long-haul covid 19 can include fatigue, coughing, poor appetite, and failure to get the smelling capability back among others.

These symptoms suggest that the patients still carry significant amounts of virus debris, viral products such as spike protein or even active viruses which in some cases can last months.  Long-haul patients need to actively seek treatments or remedies as soon as possible so they can free their bodies from the viral junks.    Once the viral junks are eliminated, patients will be back to normal.

Those who would like some help may contact us at fund @ and someone can share his experience about what they can do to help recover from long-haul covid 19.

超過 50% 的 covid 19 患者,尤其是年齡較大、身體虛弱或有潛在健康問題的患者,往往患有所謂的慢性的 covid 綜合徵,該綜合徵被定義為持續超過四個星期的 covid 19。 慢性covid 19的症狀可能包括疲勞、咳嗽、食慾不振和無法恢復嗅覺能力。

這些症狀表明患者仍然攜帶大量病毒碎片、病毒產物,如刺突蛋白,甚至在某些情況下可能持續數月的活性病毒。 慢性病人需要盡快積極尋求治療或補救措施,以便他們可以將身體從病毒垃圾中解脫出來。 一旦病毒垃圾被清除,患者就會恢復正常。

需要幫助的人可以通過 fund @ 與我們聯繫,有人可以分享他的經驗,了解他們可以做些什麼來幫助從慢性Covid 19 中恢復過來。

Saturday 11/20/2021 ( — Certain vitamins and supplements can help prevent and treat covid 19.  One another important thing everyone can do to lower risk of covid 19 and severe covid 19 is fasting.

Once you feel you may get flu or covid 19, stop eating anything.  You better do this particularly when you do not have appetite to eat anything.  Fast as long as you can.  Drink water and take vitamins.  If you have hydroxycholoroquine or ivermectim, immediately start taking either medication.

Then when you feel better, eat only some starchy meal with calories severely restricted only.  After a few days, you start to practice intermittent fasting  (eat some foods within a 4 to 6 hour window only).  Two weeks later, you can go back to your normal dietary routine. (All the statements are personal opinions only.  Use any at your own risk)

(Fasting is the cheapest medicine and probably the most effective medicine.) When you feel sick and do not have appetite, you should never force yourself to eat anything.   This is not just to prevent or treat covid 19.  No appetite means that your body is literally telling you that “do not eat anything and let me do my work.”)

Read the report on fasting and covid 19.  You can download the entire report.

某些維生素和補充劑可以幫助預防和治療 covid 19。每個人都可以做的另一個重要的事情是降低患 covid 19 和嚴重 covid 19 的風險,那就是禁食。一旦您覺得自己可能感染流感或 Covid 19,停止吃任何東西。 你最好這樣做,特別是當你沒有胃口吃任何東西時。 盡可能禁食。 喝水,吃維生素。 如果您有羥氯喹或伊維菌素,請立即開始服用任何一種藥物。 然後,當您感覺好些時,只吃一些含熱量嚴格限制的澱粉類食物。 幾天后,您開始練習間歇性禁食(僅在 4 到 6 小時內吃一些食物)。 兩週後,您可以恢復正常生活。(所有陳述僅代表個人觀點。使用任何內容風險自負)


當您感到不舒服並且沒有胃口時,千萬不要強迫自己吃任何東西。 你的身體在告訴你不要吃任何東西,讓我做我的工作。)

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