FDA approves Veklury (remdesivir) for treatment of covid 19 | FDA 批准 Veklury(瑞德西韋)用於治療 COVID 19

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FDA has just approved a treatment Veklury (remdesivir) for covid 19.  Many patients regardless of their vaccination status will be prescribed this medication to treat covid 19 infection.

But be aware that this medication can cause mutations not only in the SARS CoV 2 virus but also increase the risk of cancer in the patients.  The drugmaker and the FDA do not mention this potential risk, but the antiviral mechanism has already alerted scientists to this risk.

The active ingredient in the medication is an analog of a common nucleotide which is commonly used by cells including viruses and bacteria to make DNA and RNA.  When covid 19 virus enters a human host and starts replicating its RNA, it will pick up this fake nucleotide.  The resulting genetic material becomes dysfunctional because of the insertion of this fake nucleotide. For that reason, the virus cannot continue to replicate itself.

The danger is, as the virus can pick up this nucleoside analog, the patient’s cells will also become kind of mutated.  This mutation may end up resulting in cancerous cells even though not all mutations are carcinogenic.

Covid 19 patients need to pay attention to what their doctors give to them.  They should not use whatever their doctors give to them without knowing their safety profile.  This is so because doctors treat your covid 19 with this medication and they would not be concerned about what disease or illness patients will develop after taking this medication.

To those who are not familiar with covid 19 treatments, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – two potent antimalarial medications, are two highly effective treatments.  Ask doctors for these medications and they may not give either to you.  But some doctors (do a search online to find) may be willing to help. Check them out.

Nutrition supplements also help fight covid 19.  Zinc, quercetin, green tea extract or EGCG, vitamin D, vitamin C, B complex, other antimalarial medications can also help.  Pay attention to the dosage.  You need to use a supplement in the right dosage to have the effect.


FDA剛剛批准了一種治療新冠肺炎的Veklury(瑞德西韋)。 許多患者,無論其疫苗接種狀況如何,都將開具這種藥物來治療covid 19感染。

但請注意,這種藥物不僅會導致SARS CoV 2病毒的突變,還會增加患者患癌症的風險。 製藥商和FDA沒有提到這種潛在風險,但抗病毒機制已經提醒科學家注意這種風險。

藥物中的活性成分是常見核苷酸的類似物,包括病毒和細菌在內的細胞通常使用該核苷酸來製造DNA和RNA。 當covid 19病毒進入人類宿主並開始複製其RNA時,它將拾取這種假核苷酸。 由此產生的遺傳物質由於插入這種假核苷酸而變得功能失調。因此,該病毒不能繼續自我複製。

危險在於,由於病毒可以拾取這種核苷類似物,患者的細胞也會發生突變。 這種突變最終可能導致癌細胞,即使並非所有突變都是致癌的。

Covid 19患者需要注意他們的醫生給他們的東西。 不知道他們的安全概況, 他們不應該使用醫生給他們的任何東西。 之所以如此,是因為醫生用這種藥物治療您的covid 19,他們不會擔心服用這種藥物後患者會患上什麼疾病或疾病。

對於那些不熟悉covid 19治療的人來說,伊維菌素和羥氯喹 – 兩種有效的抗瘧藥物,是兩種高效的治療方法。 向醫生詢問這些藥物,他們可能不會給你。 但有些醫生(在網上搜索一下)可能願意幫忙。看看他們。

營養補充劑也有助於抗擊covid 19。 鋅,槲皮素,綠茶提取物或EGCG,維生素D,維生素C,B複合物,其他抗瘧藥物也有助於抗擊covid 19。 注意劑量。 你需要使用正確劑量的補充劑才能有效果.

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