Breaking news: French Study Proves efficacy of hydroxychloroquine against SARS-CoV-2 爆炸新聞:法國研究證明羥氯喹抗covid 19的功效

Editor’s note: Let your friends know this news. The mainstream news media would not publish any news of this type. This is because publishing this type of news could damage the interest of vaccine makers who pay a lot of money to advertise vaccines in all sorts of media outlets!

編者註:讓您的朋友知道此消息。 主流新聞媒體不會發布任何此類新聞。 這是因為發布此類新聞可能會損害疫苗製造商的利益,因為疫苗製造商要花很多錢在各種媒體上宣傳疫苗!

Sunday 08/02/2020 ( — A brand new trial conducted in France has proved that hydroxychloroquine is effective at eliminating SARS CoV-2 virus which causes covid 19 pandemic.

The study found that in 5 days, hydroxychloroquine in a dose of 600 mg per day reduced the virus load in patients by 60%. When Azithromycin was used along with hydroxychloroquine, the treatment completely eliminated SARS CoV-2 virus by 100% in just 5 days.

This is a very trustworthy study. The authors have 20-plus years of experience in using hydroxychloroquine to treat intracelluar bacterial infections. The trial was approved by the French Ministry of Health so the integrity of the trial should not be subject to any challenge.

For the trial, all covid 19 patients have been suggested to take hydroxychloroquine. But some patients did not want to take the treatment. So these patients and patients in other clinics who have not been treated were considered as controls.

Some doctors have said that adding zinc sulfate to this treatment makes the treatment even more effective.

In March 2020, another report in International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents says that chloroquine, an analog of hydroxychloroquine has proved effective at least in vitro against a series of viruses.

Philippe Colson and colleagues, authors of the report, have proposed to test this drug for its efficacy against a wide range of viral infections. The drug renders the antiviral efficacy by increasing the pH of the micro-environment. The viral infection thrives in a low pH environment.

For that reason, some people suggest that drinking sodium bicarbonate solution may be effective in suppressing viral infections including SRAS-CoV 2 viral infection or Covid 19 disease.

There is a lot of misinformation and some organizations/government departments and their proxies are circulating to tell people hydroxychloroquine is ineffective against covid 19. The purpose, some people argue, is to generate fear so that people would turn to covid 19 vaccines for the prevention. U.S. government has already paid billions of dollars to order the vaccines for the covid 19 prevention.

According to the CDC, hydroxychloroquine is very safe and recommend that people who want to travel to certain regions or countries take hydroxychloroquine as an anti malaria medication. The drug can be taken for up to five years without any significant risk.

在法國進行的一項全新試驗證明,羥氯喹可以有效消除導致covid 19大流行的SARS CoV-2病毒。

研究發現,每天服用600毫克羥氯喹的患者在5天內將病毒載量降低了60%。 當將阿奇黴素與羥氯喹一起使用時,治療僅需5天即可100%完全消除SARS CoV-2病毒。

這是一個非常值得信賴的研究。 作者在使用羥氯喹治療細胞內細菌感染方面有20多年的經驗。 該試驗已獲得法國衛生部的批准,因此該試驗的完整性不應受到任何挑戰。

對於該試驗,已建議所有covid的19位患者服用羥氯喹。 但是有些患者不想接受治療。 因此,將這些患者和其他未經治療的患者視為對照。



該報告的作者Philippe Colson及其同事建議對這種藥物針對各種病毒感染的功效進行測試。 該藥物通過增加微環境的pH值來提供抗病毒功效。 病毒感染會在低pH的環境中蓬勃發展。

因此,有人建議飲用碳酸氫鈉溶液可以有效抑制病毒感染,包括SRAS-CoV 2病毒感染或Covid 19疾病。

一些組織/政府部門及其代理人流傳很多錯誤信息,以告訴人們羥氯喹對covid 19無效。某些人認為,這樣做的目的是引起恐懼,以便人們轉向使用covid 19疫苗進行預防。 美國政府已經支付了數十億美元訂購預防covid 19的疫苗。

More evidence indicates the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine against Covid 19

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