紐約州猶太醫生髮現治療 covid-19的方法 New York State Jewish doctor finds cure to treat covid-19

Editor’s note: Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D., professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health wrote an article at washingtonexaminer.com to claim that this drug is not only effective but also extremely safe. Dr. Risch reminds readers that a person who starts to develop some flu symptoms needs to get treated with the combination therapy with hydrochloroquine, zinc sulfate and azithromycin as soon as possible. If not treated quickly, he says, covid 19 can progress to a severe condition, particularly in those who are at high risk for severe outcomes of this infection. People are at high risk if they are over 60, have received cancer treatments, or have their immunity compromised, or have chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. This treatment when used sooner enough can reduce the risk of hospitalization/death by 50%.

Tuesday 03/31/2020 (jkzx.com) — Coronavirus SARS-2 which causes covid-19 is spreading everywhere and has now killed more than 40,000 people worldwide among whom more than 3,000 are American. The U.S. government warned that the death toll in the U.S. could be as high as 200,000 by September. If doing nothing, as many as 2 millions of Americans could eventually die from covid-19. But a novel treatment which is 100% effective and extremely cheap may cut the death risk drastically.

A New York State Jewish doctor named Dr. Vladimir Zelenko M.D. claimed that by March 27 he has successfully treated 699 patients infected with covid-19. None of his patients required respirators/incubation, and none died. Only four patients had to resort to hospital help for their pneumonia.

His treatment protocol is a combinational therapy of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc. This treatment helped overcome shortness-of-breath issues which were common in many patients in as short as 4 four hours. And the average time to relieve patients from respiratory issues was 12 hours.

hydroxychloroquine sulfate was allowed on March 28 by the Food and Drug Administration as an off-label drug to treat coronavirus infection for the covid-19 pandemic. (FDA may have seen Dr. Zelenko’s report before it released its directive). Both drugs are known for their antiviral activities against coronavirus. Zinc in itself also is an strong antiviral which can work better when used with antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine. This way, cells can build up a higher zinc concentration, which is more effective at inhibiting the viral reproduction.

What is unique about this treatment is use of zinc which may not be used by other doctors to treat covid-19. Early studies have demonstrated that elevated intracellular zinc concentrations inhibit RNA dependent RNA polymerases and other key proteins for the different stages of the viral life cycle. Zinc can also help maintain strong immune responses by making cytokines and modulating immune cell activities. Some evidence indicates that hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine as as an ionophore, which helps get zinc into cells and increases zinc concentrations in cells. That is why using the two drugs together renders much stronger an antivirual effect.

Azithromycin is known as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. The drug azithromycin (Zithromax) manufactured by Pfizer has already shown its antiviral efficacy against coronavirus SARS-2 when used together with another antimalarial drug hydroxychlroquine. This antibiotic also works to fight other viruses such as Zika virus and rhinoviruses.

But the World Health Organization says that Azithromycin does not kill viruses including coronavirus SAR 2. The reason some doctors use this drug anyway is because patients suffering viral pneumonia are at risk of secondary bacterial infections. That makes sense. So it is likely that use of Azithromycin is intended to prevent secondary bacterial infections in the lungs.

Dr. Zelenko has submitted his treatment protocol to both the White House and Israeli government. His protocol has been released on the internet and is cited below from his youtube account.

1- hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
2- azithromycin 500mg once a day for five days
3- zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for five days

Readers need to be aware that 90 or a higher percentage of his patients did not experience severe symptoms or life-threatening conditions that need to be hospitalized likely in ICU rooms. Dr. Zelenko treated his patients in his office. However, his treatment is perfectly effective in stopping the covid-19 disease from progressing into something life-threatening.

Of course, many young healthy people do not need this treatment at all. But this treatment can be valuable to patients who are at risk of severe complications from the covid-19. (Dr. Lu)

編者註:耶魯大學公共衛生學院流行病學教授Harvey Risch博士認為,這種藥物不僅有效而且非常安全。 Risch博士提醒讀者,一個開始出現流感症狀的人需要盡快接受氫氯喹,硫酸鋅和阿奇黴素的聯合治療。他說,如果不及時治療,covid 19可能會發展成嚴重病狀,尤其是在那些感染嚴重後果高危人群中。如果他們超過60歲,已經接受了癌症治療,或者免疫力受到損害,或者患有慢性病,例如肥胖,糖尿病,高血壓等,則處於高風險狀態。如果盡快使用這種治療,可以降低住院/死亡的風險50%。


2020年3月31日,星期二(jkzx.com)—導致covid-19的冠狀病毒SARS-2在世界各地蔓延,現已殺死全世界40,000人,其中 3000多名美國人 。美國政府警告說,到9月,美國的死亡人數可能高達20萬人。如果不採取任何行動,最終有多達200萬美國人可能死於covid-19。但是,一種有效且非常便宜的100%有效的新型療法可能會大大降低死亡風險。


他的治療方案是羥氯喹,阿奇黴素和鋅的聯合治療。這種治療有助於克服呼吸短促的問題,這在許多患者中, 一些 短短4小時就克服呼吸短促的問題 。 這種療法減輕患者呼吸系統疾病的平均時間為12小時。

美國食品藥品監督管理局允許使用羥氯喹硫酸鹽和阿奇黴素作為非標記藥物來治療covid-19大流行的冠狀病毒感染。 (FDA在發布指令之前可能已經看過Zelenko博士的報告)。 兩種藥物均以抗冠狀病毒的抗病毒活性而聞名。鋅本身也是一種強大的抗病藥物,與抗瘧藥羥氯喹一起使用時效果更好。這樣,細胞可以建立更高的鋅濃度,這在抑制病毒繁殖方面更為有效。



但是世界衛生組織說,阿奇黴素不能殺死包括角膜病毒SAR 2在內的病毒。無論如何,一些醫生之所以使用這種藥物,是因為患有病毒性肺炎的患者有繼發細菌感染的風險。那講得通。因此,使用阿奇黴素可能是為了防止肺部繼發細菌感染。



讀者需要注意的是, 他的90%或更高比例的患者, 當他們來到他的辦公室時, 沒有出現重症症狀或危及生命的狀況, 如果他們有這種情況, 那他們已經需要在ICU室住院治療。澤連科醫生在他的辦公室治療了他的病人。但是,他的治療對阻止covid-19疾病發展成威脅生命的疾病非常有效。這種治療對有可能因covid-19引起嚴重並發症的患者很有價值。 ( 陸博士 )

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