Sars Cov 2 infection prevents reinfection | Sars Cov 2 感染可防止再次感染

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Saturday 11/27/2021 ( — A new study conducted in Gatar finds evidence suggesting that people naturally infected with Sars Cov 2 are very unlikely to get infected with the virus again at least within two months.

The study, which is based on data from 133,266 people who were infected with Sars Cov 2 earlier, finds that the actual reinfection rate is 0.02% or 0.36 infection per 10,000 infected people.  Among 45 people who good evidence suggests got reinfected, only one person was hospitalized but discharged the next day.

No death occurred in the cohort of 133,266 people who were previously infected with Sars Cov 2.

The study concluded that natural infection of Sars Cov 2 renders very strong protection against future infections and it is very rare for a naturally infected person to get reinfected.  And the symptoms in reinfected people are mild and no one died from the reinfection.

Other studies have found reinfection often occurs in naturally infected people who are older than 65 years of age.

The current study excluded people who were vaccinated.  It is interesting that the researchers did not mention the infection rate among the vaccinated people.  Some observations suggest that vaccination does not render too much protection against the infection of Sars cov 2.

Readers may have noted that some organizations have claimed that vaccination can add immunity to help the naturally infected people.  And they suggest that naturally infected people should get vaccinated.  This is B.S.  The naturally infected people do not need vaccines, and vaccines cannot help.  And in fact, vaccines can do more harm than good, according to  observations.  For instance, vaccines can cause death, myocarditis, pericarditis and other potentially chronic damages.


星期六 11/27/2021 ( — 在 Gatar 進行的一項新研究發現,有證據表明自然感染了SARS Cov 2 的人至少在兩個月內不太可能再次感染該病毒。

該研究基於 133,266 名早些時候感染了非典冠狀病毒 2 的人的數據,發現實際再感染率為 0.02%,即每 10,000 名感染者感染 0.36 人。在有充分證據表明再次感染的 45 人中,只有 1 人住院但第二天出院。

在先前感染了非典冠狀病毒 2 的 133,266 人的隊列中沒有死亡。

該研究得出的結論是,Sars Cov 2 的自然感染對未來感染提供了非常強大的保護,自然感染者再次感染的情況非常罕見。再感染者的症狀較輕,沒有人因再感染而死亡。

其他研究發現,自然感染者通常會在 65 歲以上的人群中發生再感染。

目前的研究排除了接種疫苗的人。有趣的是,研究人員並未提及接種人群的感染率。一些研究表明,接種疫苗會使接種疫苗的人更容易感染非典冠狀病毒 2。

讀者可能已經註意到,一些組織聲稱接種疫苗可以增加免疫力,以幫助自然感染的人。 他們建議自然感染的人應該接種疫苗。 這是 B.S.   自然感染的人不需要疫苗,疫苗也無濟於事。 事實上,根據觀察,疫苗弊大於利。 例如,疫苗會導致死亡、心肌炎、心包炎和其他潛在的慢性損害。

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