Sweet compound glycyrrhizic acid is a highly effective preventative against covid 19 | 甜化合物甘草酸是一種針對covid 19的高效預防劑

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Sunday Dec 5, 2021 (jkzx.com/healthabc.com) — A study published in May 2021 in PhytoMedicine suggests that glycyrrhizic acid or glycyrrhizin , a sweet compound found high in licorice root, can be used to effectively prevent Sars Cov 2 infection, which otherwise leads to covid 19.

Shaopeng Yu from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China and colleagues screened 30 clinically effective traditional Chinese medicines that have proved to be effective at preventing and treating covid 19, and found five compounds that interacts with the Cov-2 RBD on the viral spike protein and prevents the spike protein docks to host protein ACE2.

The researchers found glycyrrhizic acid among the five compounds possesses the highest affinity to the Cov-2 RBD and therefore most effective at preventing the Sar Cov 2 virus from landing on the host receptor protein angiotensin-converting enzyme  ACE2.

Glycyrrhizic acid is commonly found in Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch (licorice). Its content in the herb ranges from 2 to 20%. The researchers found this compound not only effective but also very safe to use even in relatively high concentrations.

For glycyrrhizic acid, the required concentration that results in 50% inactivation of th virus in specified time is 22 uM, which is 28 mg in one liter. In Chinese, an extraction from licorice (10 grams) and dried ginger (10 grams) with water per day is commonly used by medical professionals in hospitals.

This preparation may contain at least 200 mg glycyrrhizic acid, which is the dose that is used intravenously to treat hepatitis. The users do not have a single case of covid 19 infection. This indicates that the licorice preparation is highly effective at preventing covid 19.

Unlike many other countries, the Chinese government allows citizens to use preventatives such as traditional Chinese medicine, vitamins/supplements, and some medications to prevent covid 19 while vaccines are still provided as an option.

Some medications have proved to be highly effective.  They include ivermectin and hydrochloroquine.  These medications can prevent replication of Sars cov 2 virus.  They can be used as both preventative and therapeutics.

Another study released in 2020 also identified Glycyrrhizic acid as a potential preventative against covid 19.


甜化合物甘草酸是一種針對covid 19的高效預防劑

2021年5月發表在《植物醫學》上的一項研究表明,甘草酸(一種在甘草根中發現的甜味化合物)可用於有效預防Sars Cov 2感染,否則Sars Cov 2會導致covid 19。

來自上海中醫藥大學的Shaopeng Yu及其同事篩選了30種臨床有效的放射性中藥,這些藥物已被證明可有效預防和治療covid 19,並發現了五種化合物,這些化合物與病毒刺突蛋白上的Cov-2 RBD相互作用,並防止刺突蛋白與宿主蛋白ACE2的對接。

研究人員發現,五種化合物中的甘草酸對Cov-2 RBD具有最高的親和力,因此在防止Sar Cov 2病毒落在宿主受體蛋白ACE2蛋白上最有效。


對於甘草酸,在指定時間內導致50%滅活病毒所需的濃度為22 uM,即一升28mg。在中國,醫院的醫療專業人員通常每天用水從甘草(10克)和干薑(10克)中提取製劑。用戶沒有一例covid 19感染病例。這表明甘草製劑在預防covid 19方面非常有效。

與許多其他國家不同,中國政府允許公民使用中藥,維生素/補充劑和一些藥物等預防措施來預防covid 19,同時仍提供疫苗作為一種選擇。

一些藥物已被證明是非常有效的。 它們包括伊維菌素和氫氯喹。 這些藥物可以防止SARS cov 2病毒的複製。 它們可以用作預防和治療。

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