The easiest and cheapest way to prevent covid 19 and other viral infections | 最簡單和最便宜的方法來防止covid 19和其他病毒感染

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Sunday 11/21/2021 ( — There are many supplements and anti-malarial medications you can use to effectively prevent and treat covid 19. It is common sense now that covid 19 is highly treatable.  No patients need to die from this infection.

However, the nebulization of hydrogen peroxide a couple of times a day could be the easiest and cheapest way to prevent and treat covid 19 and potentially any other future mRNA or DNA-based viral infections.

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD who is a board-certified cardiologist and the author of Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins and STOP America’s #1 Killer!; plus several other groundbreaking medical books, now offers his free ebook titled Rapid Virus Recovery, No Need to Live in Fear.  Printed copies of this book are also available for purchase at $29 per copy.

Dr. Levy tells us his own personal story that demonstrates the efficacy of nebulized 3% hydrogen peroxide against covid 19 infections.  Hydrogen peroxide at 3% is available at pharmacies or drug stores or grocery stores where drugs and supplements are sold.

The free ebook Rapid Virus Recovery, No Need to Live in Fear in English is available here.  The Spanish version is available here.  And hard copies can be purchased here.  Amazon also sells paperback copies of the book. And it is sold for $23 per copy.

Thank Dr. Levy for his great work and generosity.  We encourage all readers who afford to spend some money to buy a hard copy to support his work.

2021 年 11 月 21 日星期日 ( — 您可以使用許多補充劑和抗瘧疾藥物來有效預防和治療 covid 19。現在人們普遍認為,covid 19 是高度可治療的。沒有患者需要死於這種感染。

然而,每天數次霧化過氧化氫可能是預防和治療 covid 19 以及潛在的任何其他未來基於 mRNA 或 DNA 的病毒感染的最簡單、最便宜的方法。

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD 是一名獲得資格認證的心髒病專家,也是《治愈不治之症:維生素 C、傳染病和毒素》和《阻止美國第一殺手!》的作者;加上其他幾本開創性的醫學書籍,現在提供他的免費電子書,名為《快速病毒恢復,無需生活在恐懼中》。這本書的印刷本也可以以每本 29 美元的價格購買。

Levy 博士講述了他自己的個人故事,證明了霧化 3% 過氧化氫對病毒感染的功效。 3% 的過氧化氫可在藥店或藥店或許多出售藥物和補充劑的雜貨店買到。

此處提供免費電子書《快速病毒恢復,無需生活在恐懼中》(英文版)。西班牙語版本在這裡可用。硬拷貝可以在這裡購買。我們建議讀者獲取 PDF 版本,而不是需要讀者閱讀的電子書。

感謝 Levy 博士的出色工作和慷慨解囊。我們鼓勵所有有能力花一些錢的讀者購買硬拷貝來支持他的工作。

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