Vitamin D supplements help covid 19 patients 維生素 D 補充劑幫助 COVID 19 患者

A recent review posted in Journal of Endocrinological Investigation suggests that taking vitamin D supplements after covid 19 infection can help reduce risk of severe outcomes including death.

S. K. Bhadada from Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, 160012, India and colleagues reviewed 14 studies and found covid 19 patients who took vitamin D supplementation reduced their risk of being hospitalized or dying from the infection by almost 60% while reducing other adverse outcomes by 80%.

Interestingly, the reduction in risk of death from covid 19 and other severe outcomes was found in those patients who took vitamin D after diagnosis.  Does that mean that vitamin D taken prior to getting infected with covid 19 is useless?

Vitamin D has been known for its innate immunity against viral and bacterial infections.  The chances are good that those who took an adequate dose of vitamin D before covid 19 infection may not turn the infected people into a patient.

Low vitamin D status has already been linked to severe outcomes in other studies.  One review links low vitamin D status to higher risk of covid 19 infection.  Note that the review says infection not outcomes.

Also another review led by Kazemi A and colleagues concludes “most of them indicated a significant relation between 25(OH)D and SARS-CoV-2 infection, COVID-19 composite severity, and mortality.”


最近發表在《內分泌調查雜誌》上的一篇評論表明,在感染 Covid 19 後服用維生素 D 補充劑有助於降低包括死亡在內的嚴重後果的風險。

來自印度昌迪加爾市醫學教育與研究研究生院的 SK Bhadada 及其同事回顧了 14 項研究,發現服用維生素 D 補充劑的 19 名新冠患者將住院或死於感染的風險降低了近 60%,同時減少了其他80% 的不良後果。

有趣的是,在診斷後服用維生素 D 的患者中發現,covid 19 和其他嚴重後果的死亡風險降低。這是否意味著在感染 covid 19 之前服用的維生素 D 沒有用?

維生素 D 以其對病毒和細菌感染的先天免疫而聞名。在感染 Covid 19 之前服用足夠劑量維生素 D 的人很有可能不會將感染者變成患者。

在其他研究中,低維生素 D 狀態已經與嚴重後果相關聯。 一項審查將低維生素 D 狀態與較高的 covid 19 感染風險聯繫起來。 請注意,評論說感染不是結果。

此外,由 Kazemi A 及其同事領導的另一項審查得出結論,“其中大多數表明 25(OH)D 與 SARS-CoV-2 感染、COVID-19 複合嚴重程度和死亡率之間存在顯著關係。”

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