World Shocked By Bill Gates Statements On COVID-19 Vaccine 比爾·蓋茨發表有關COVID-19疫苗的聲明震驚世界

They are trying to convince you that vaccines are safe.   What is the point?  These stupid yet powerful people just underestimate the IQ of ordinary people and thought they can fool them about the truth about vaccines.  The truth is, many of them know that just because vaccines are safe and effective does not mean you have the right to force the drugs into their bodies.   Their evil motive is the scenario described in the Bible, the sign of the world end.   When they successfully force their toxic and meant- to-kill-people vaccines into innocent people’s bodies, the world’s end will be in sight.   The Bible says Jesus will be coming at that time.  Church pastors have been saying that the doom’s day is nearing.

All God’s people stand your ground and do not submit yourselves to the Evil!

他們試圖說服您疫苗是安全的。 有什麼意義? 這些愚蠢而有權勢的人只是低估了普通人的智商,並認為他們可以騙他們了解疫苗的真相。 事實是,他們中的許多人都知道,僅僅因為疫苗安全有效,並不意味著您有權將藥物強制進入其體內。 他們的邪惡動機是聖經中描述的情景,這是世界末日的標誌。 當他們成功地將其有毒的,旨在殺死人們的疫苗強行帶入無辜的人們的體內時,世界的盡頭將可見。 聖經說耶穌會在那個時候來。 教會牧師一直在說世界的末日即將到來.

邪惡者想控制上帝的子民,他們設立了共謀的19個陷阱來證明自己的行為是合理的。 Covid 19病毒是人為製造的,並得到了一些希望使世界人口減少的美國組織的財政支持,這意味著要限制這個世界上的人數。 比爾·蓋茨公開表示需要控制人口,他所支持的疫苗旨在引起不孕症或其他生殖健康狀況。 在非洲和印度已經看到了這一點。


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