5G could be a tool for crowd control and population control 5G可能是控制人群和控制人口的工具

5G along with other wireless technologies can be an effective tool for crowd control and population control. For crowd control, the government can monitor any communication/movement of an individual and can take actions quickly if needed. For population control, 5G and other wireless technologies are imposing a chronic toxic health impact on everyone on the planet. It has been known that the non-ionizing radiation can cause damage to many organs including male reproductive organs/functions. The risk of these radiations was studied by Russian scientists but not got the attention of the pubic. (see below). Some scientists believe that these non-ionizing radiations can cause more harm than x-ray. The health problems on the other hand can become a new source of income for the health care industry!

5G以及其他无线技术可以成为有效的人群控制和人口控制工具。 为了控制人群,政府可以监视个人的任何交流/活动,并可以根据需要迅速采取行动。 在人口控制方面,5G和其他无线技术正在对地球上的每个人造成慢性毒性健康影响。 众所周知,非电离辐射可对包括男性生殖器官/功能在内的许多器官造成损害。 俄罗斯科学家研究了这些辐射的风险,但并未引起公众的注意。 (见下文)。 一些科学家认为,这些非电离辐射比X射线造成的伤害更大。 另一方面,健康问题可能成为医疗保健行业的新收入来源!

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Josh del Sol joins Dr. Rashid Buttar for this explosive new talk on 5G recorded in May 2020. Dr. Buttar walks through a 5-page, CIA-declassified report summarizing 7 Russian studies on the significant bio-effects caused by millimeter-wave radiation levels between 37-60GHz — exposure levels which government agencies tell us are “safe.” Published more than 40 years ago but kept secret, this report was marked “GOVERNMENT USE ONLY.”

In addition, Dr. Buttar and Josh discuss a recent troublesome statement (on video) by a European politician touting the “benefits” of using 5G for crowd control purposes.

When you unlock this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online 5G Summit taking place on June 1-7, 2020 — over 40+ experts teaching you more about EMF and 5G dangers and how to implement better solutions in your community!

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