Ask your dentist if he uses rectangular collimation for x-ray imaging 詢問您的牙醫他是否使用矩形准直進行 X 射線成像

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If you as a dentist use a rectangular collimator, please let us know at [email protected]  We would like to offer you free advertisement here on for your service.  Using a rectangular collimator means that you really care about your patients’ safety.   And your patients would greatly appreciate your services.   More patients will flood into your clinic.

If you are a dental patient, report to us at [email protected] if your dentist uses rectangular collimator.  This can pressure your dentist to use a rectangular collimator.  Many dentists are just too lazy to use rectangular collimator, which requires more patience and skills to use.

Safety is always first!

Rectangular collimator is like this:

編者按:如果您作為牙醫使用矩形准直器,請告知我們。 我們想在 上為您提供免費廣告服務。 使用矩形准直器意味著您真正關心患者的安全。 您的患者會非常感謝您的服務。 更多的患者將湧入您的診所。

如果您是牙科患者,請向我們報告您的牙醫是否使用矩形准直器。 這可能會迫使您的牙醫使用矩形准直器。 很多牙醫只是懶得使用矩形准直器,這需要更多的耐心和技巧才能使用。

Ask your dentist if he uses rectangular collimation for x-ray imaging 詢問您的牙醫他是否使用矩形准直進行 X 射線成像

Friday 07/30/2021 ( — A relatively new technology/equipment called rectangular collimation can help reduce the x-ray exposure by up to 60%, according to some studies.  And also a new survey released in 2020 in the Journal of American Dental Association says that only 22% American dentists claim to use this new technology. In Canada, the rate is 10 to 15%.

This low rate is because the majority of dentists feel that is is not easy to use a rectangular collimator which requires more patience and skills.

Rectangular collimation through a rectangular collimator, is designed to reduce the x-ray exposure of tissue that is in no need for the exposure.   Digital dental x-ray imaging uses relative much smaller doses (0.008 mSv/exposure), compared to other medical x-rays. However, the dose estimate may not be accurate, and the fact is that most of the x-ray out of the tube can scattering around and affects much more tissues.

For example, even if x-ray is not directly pointed to the brain, much of the scattered x-ray has been found to impose a significant damage to the brain and raise the patients’ risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease and many other degenerative neurologic diseases.  This risk justifies use of rectangular collimators.

To minimize such unnecessary exposure to the risk, dental x-ray machine manufacturers have designed a new technology called rectangular collimation which when used along with a digital x-ray machine, can reduce the actual exposure to x-ray by 50 to 60%.

A recent review suggests that compared to circular collimation, rectangular collimation can reduce 40 to 92% x-ray exposure.  So rectangular collimator is much more effective at reducing x0ray exposure. 

The reduction in the dental x-ray exposure is significant particularly in pediatric dentistry.  Children are more vulnerable to adults to the damage of x-ray.  The cancer risk induced by x-ray in children can be many times higher than in adults.  X-ray can not only induce cancer, but also vascular disease.

Some dental organizations have ruled that dentists need to upgrade their digital x-ray machines to a machine with a rectangular collimator.  For instance, The Colorado Dental Association requires that all dental practitioners use  rectangular collimation by 2025.  California Dental Association also provides general guidelines including use of rectangular collimators.

When you use a new dentist, make sure you consider this rectangular collimation technology as one favorable factor in your decision making.  (Dr. Lu.)

星期五 07/30/2021 (——根據一些研究,一種稱為矩形准直的相對較新的技術/設備可以幫助減少高達 60% 的 X 射線暴露。美國牙科協會雜誌 2020 年發布的一項新調查顯示,只有 22% 的美國牙醫聲稱使用了這項新技術。在加拿大,使用率為10%到15%。

使用矩形准直器依賴的矩形准直旨在減少不需要曝光的組織的 X 射線曝光。與其他醫學 X 射線相比,數字牙科 X 射線成像使用相對較小的劑量(0.008 mSv/曝光)。然而,劑量估計可能不准確,事實是管外的大部分 X 射線會散射並影響更多組織。

例如,即使 X 射線不直接指向大腦,但已發現大部分散射的 X 射線會對大腦造成重大損害,並增加患者患阿爾茨海默病、帕金森病和許多其他退行性疾病的風險。神經系統疾病。這種風險證明使用矩形准直器是合理的。

為了盡量減少這種不必要的暴露風險,牙科 X 光機製造商設計了一種稱為矩形准直的新技術,當與數字 X 光機一起使用時,可以將 X 光的實際暴露量減少 50% 到 60%。

特別是在兒科牙科中,牙科 X 射線暴露的減少是顯著的。兒童更容易受到成人 X 射線的傷害。兒童 X 射線誘發的癌症風險可能比成人高很多倍。 X射線不僅可以誘發癌症,還可以誘發血管疾病。

一些牙科組織已經裁定牙醫需要將他們的數字 X 光機升級為帶有矩形准直器的機器。例如,科羅拉多牙科協會要求所有牙科醫生使用矩形准直。

當您使用新牙醫時,請確保您將這種矩形准直技術視為您決策的一個有利因素。 (陸博士)


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