Disable blue-teeth in your car now to prevent harm from electronic magnetic frequency radiation (EMF radiation) 禁用您的汽车中的蓝牙,以防止电子磁频辐射(EMF辐射)造成的伤害



许多车主不想在汽车中使用手机,因为他们希望避免暴露在手机发出的电子磁场辐射 EMF 中。然而,他们忘记了,即使他们不使用此功能,默认情况下,蓝牙始终处于打开状态,并不断发射高剂量的 EMF 辐射。

汽车制造商提醒你这种蓝牙辐射。但他们声称,EMF辐射的剂量符合FCC设定的暴露限制。只要记住,只是因为符合FCC设定的暴露限制 并不意味着它是安全的。我测量了我的丰田凯美瑞的EMF辐射强度,发现蓝牙辐射的剂量非常高!

你应该能够禁用蓝牙。 特别是当您的孩子与您一起乘车时。 只需在汽车的显示屏上,了解”设置”的位置。然后找到蓝牙的设置。将其设置为关闭。 (默认情况下, 蓝牙總是 开启的。)

Do not forget to turn off the blueteeth in your car audio system to prevent the system from emitting electronic magnetic frequency radiation (EMF radiation).

Nowadays, cars are designed to have many electronic functionalities. For instance, your cell phone can be hooked up with your car, and you can call and receive calls through blueteeth installed in your car audio system.

Many car owners do not want to use cell phones in car because they want to avoid exposure to electronic magnetic field radiation EMF emitted from their cell phones. However, they forget that even if they do not use this feature, the blueteeth by default is always on and emits high doses of EMF radiation constantly.

Car manufacturers remind you of this radiation. But they claim that the dose of the EMF radiation meets the exposure limit set by FCC. Just remember that just because FCC okays the dose does not mean it is safe. I measured the strength of the EMF radiation from my Toyota Camry and found that the dose of the radiation is scarily high!

You should be able to disable the blueteeth. Particularly when your kids ride with you. Just on the display screen of your car, find out the location of SETTINGS. And then find the settings of blueteeth. Set it at OFF. (By default it is ON.)

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