Fluoride Exposure May Contribute to Degenerative Eye Diseases | 氟化物暴露可能導致退行性眼病

Exposure to fluoride causes a range of health issues including bone cancer, reduction in IQ, damage or organs like the kidney and the liver, dental fluorosis/skeletal fluorosis, and now eye diseases.

Fluoride causes inflammation which may be one  of the fundamental risks for a variety of health problems.

In the U.S., drinking water and toothpaste are two major sources of fluoride exposure.  Minimize your exposure when you can.  Also take high doses of vitamin C which may reduce the toxicity.

For more information on the link between fluoride exposure to the risk of eye diseases, read on here.



在美國,飲用水和牙膏是接觸氟化物的兩個主要來源。 盡可能減少暴露。 還要服用高劑量的維生素 C,這可能會降低毒性。


. 2019 Mar 8;16(5):856.

doi: 10.3390/ijerph16050856.

The Contribution of Fluoride to the Pathogenesis of Eye Diseases: Molecular Mechanisms and Implications for Public Health


How to prevent damage from fluoride | 如何防止氟化物的損害

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain 防止氟化物破壞大腦的香料

Experts confirm extremely low levels of fluoride reduce IQ, according to the Fluoride Action Network 專家證實極低水平的氟化物會降低智商

Fluoride & IQ: 69 Studies 69 項研究證明氟化物會降低智商

Four Studies That Show Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water Unnecessarily Endangers Children’s Brains 飲用水中添加氟化物會危及兒童的大腦

Fluoride exposure damages liver and kidney functions in adolescents 暴露於氟化物會損害青少年的肝腎功能

The Spice that Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain 防止氟化物破坏大脑的香料

低剂量氟化物暴露可能会降低青少年的肾脏和肝脏功能 Study: Low-level fluoride exposure may reduce kidney and liver function in adolescents

自来水中的氟化物会增加癌症风险 Fluoride in tap water raises cancer risk

氟化物贬低研究很少公开 Fluoride-Disparaging Studies Rarely Publicized

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