Electromagnetic fields pose health risks and what you can do about it

Jeromy Johnson made two presentations on EMF and its detrimental impact on human health, one in 2016 and another in 2019.  He has had first hand experience with the harm from EMF generated from electronic devices particularly “smart” meters. Later, he spent thousands of hours on the subject and came up with some solutions that everyone can use to reduce the risk of EMF to their health.  Readers who are interested may purchase his book which is intended to help readers to find a better home.  Home is the most important place where EMF should be controlled if not completely eliminated.

EMFC 2019 The Engineering Approach to Healing & Preventing Electrical Sensitivity by Jeromy Johnson. This is the presentation made in 2016.  More than 1 MM readers viewed the video.

This is his second presentation. There is a lot updated information on EMF.

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