Microwave oven generates free radicals which is the root of all diseases including aging 微波爐會產生自由基,這是包括衰老在內的所有疾病的根源

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Here is a study published in 2014 showing that microwave oven can generate free radicals in food during heating.

C08712124.pdf (iosrjournals.org)

Free radicals are the root of all diseases including aging.  They can cause mutations which eventually can lead to the development of cancer.  They can damage healthy cells speeding up the aging process.

自由基是包括衰老在內的所有疾病的根源。 它們會引起突變,最終導致癌症的發展。 它們會破壞健康細胞,加速衰老過程。

In the study, researchers from College of Medicine of the University of Lagos in Nigeria fed four groups of rats, each eating a diet containing one specific fat, which was treated or untreated with microwave oven, for one to six weeks and then analyzed samples from sacrificed rats for four chemicals. They found that rats eating a diet with a microwaved fat had significant lower levels of reduced glutathione and a significantly higher concentration of Malondialdehyde.

Four types of fat included in different rodent diets are animal fat and soybean oil, either microwaved or not.  The study shows that malondialdehyde levels were much higher in the liver and the brain of rats fed with a diet containing a fat treated with microwave oven, three to four times higher.  Similarly, reduced glutathione levels are found three to four times lower in the livers and brains of rats fed microwaved fat containing diets.

Reduced glutathione, which can be produced in human body, protects against damage from free radicals and other oxidative chemicals.  Lower levels of reduced glutathione suggests that rats eating microwaved fat containing diet experienced high levels of oxidative stress, which can increase risk of all sorts of diseases including cancer.

Malondialdehyde is a final production of lipid peroxidation. Polyunsaturated fatty acids which are present in vegetable oils including soybean oil are very susceptible to peroxidation.  This is why rats eating a diet with soybean oil treated with microwave oven tended to have higher levels of malondialdehyde.  One might think animal fat may be safer.  Not all animal fats are the same though.  Some animal fats like chicken fat contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids too.   This study shows that animal fat treated with microwave oven is not safe either.

What this study means is that eating microwaved foods can drastically increase risk of all sorts of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

在這項研究中,來自尼日利亞拉各斯大學醫學院的研究人員餵食四組老鼠,每組老鼠吃含有一種特定脂肪的飲食,這種脂肪經過或未經過微波爐處理,持續一到六週,然後分析來自犧牲老鼠的四種化學品。 他們發現,食用含有微波脂肪的飲食的老鼠體內的還原型穀胱甘肽水平明顯較低,丙二醛濃度明顯較高。

不同囓齒動物飲食中包含的四種脂肪是動物脂肪和豆油, 有微波加熱或者沒有微波加熱。 該研究表明,餵食含有經微波爐處理過的脂肪的飲食的大鼠肝臟和大腦中的丙二醛水平要高得多,高出三到四倍。 同樣,在餵食含有微波脂肪的飲食的老鼠的肝臟和大腦中,穀胱甘肽水平降低了三到四倍。

可在人體內產生的還原型穀胱甘肽可防止自由基和其他氧化性化學物質造成的損害。 較低水平的還原型穀胱甘肽表明食用含有微波脂肪的飲食的老鼠經歷了高水平的氧化應激,這會增加患包括癌症在內的各種疾病的風險。

丙二醛是脂質過氧化反應的最終產物。 植物油(包括大豆油)中存在的多不飽和脂肪酸非常容易發生過氧化。 這就是為什麼吃用微波爐處理過的豆油飲食的老鼠往往有更高水平的丙二醛。 有人可能認為動物脂肪可能更安全。 並非所有的動物脂肪都是一樣的。 一些動物脂肪如雞脂肪也含有大量的多不飽和脂肪酸。 這項研究表明,用微波爐處理過的動物脂肪也不安全。


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