Per capita thyroid doses of radiation resulting from all exposure routes from all tests 所有測試產生的所有暴露途徑產生的人均甲狀腺輻射劑量

High radiation levels mean high cancer risk. There is no safe dose. Any dose of radiation results in certain damage or injury to tissues even if the injury does not actually cause cancer. For instance, radiation can cause damage blood veins that can lead to vascular diseases.
Foods that carry high levels of radioactive substances.
Natural Radioactivity in Food
Food40K (pCi/kg)226Ra (pCi/kg)
Carrots3,4000.6 – 2
White Potatoes3,4001 – 2.5
Lima Beans (raw)4,6402 – 5
Red Meat3,0000.5
Brazil Nuts5,6001,000 – 7,000
Drinking Water0 – 0.17

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