Silicon dioxide or silica toxic to cells | 二氧化硅或二氧化硅对细胞有毒

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Silicon dioxide or silica is still commonly used in numerous processed foods, dietary supplements, and other personal hygiene products while titanium dioxide has been phased out in foods and supplements due to its toxicity.

However, silicon dioxide is no safer than titanium dioxide. Many consumers may either not care or could not afford buying better foods or supplements, they still purchase and use silicon dioxide containing foods and dietary supplements.

Silicon dioxide is toxic because it is a nano-particle which can enter cells and stay there destroying cellular components or organelles. The report found that one thing this particular nano-particles can do is cause inflammation.  Inflammation is actually a sign of damage.

Interested readers can read an excellent report by Chinese researchers (no such research could ever been done in the U.S.)



然而,二氧化硅并不比二氧化钛安全。 许多消费者可能不在乎或买不起更好的食物或补充剂,他们仍然购买和使用含有二氧化硅的食物和膳食补充剂。

二氧化硅是有毒的,因为它是一种纳米粒子,可以进入细胞并停留在那里,破坏细胞成分或细胞器。 该报告发现,这种特殊的纳米颗粒可以做的一件事就是引起炎症。 炎症实际上是损伤的标志。


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