To save the world, use landline phone and internet | 為了拯救世界,請使用座機電話和互聯網

Some scientists have warned that the use of 4G and 5G technologies will eventually destroy humanity.   Many people do not care.

The radio frequencies used for 4G and 5G technologies are just too harmful.  The radiofrequency for 5G can be as high as 72 GHz.  The higher the frequency, the higher the energy.  5G radio frequency is a weapon-grade microwave that has been used in Afghanistan.   Havana syndrome is suspected to be caused by microwave weapons.

Those who care about the planet, humanity, and their offspring should avoid using 4g and 5G technologies.  Or at least reduce the use of such harmful microwave-based telecommunication devices (smartphones equipped with 4G and 5G technologies.)

Here is what you can do to help yourself, your family, your children, your neighbor, your environment, and your future generations:

  1. Use landline internet.  Cable, landline DSL, and fiber optic cable.  Avoid dish, WI FI, and satellite internet which is based on radiofrequency.
  2. Turn off WIFI on your modem or router.
  3. Set up and use a landline telephone.  If not available, use an internet phone.  You can use a conventional phone through a special router or modem such as the one offered by ( provides a service that allows you to use a traditional phone with a crystal clear sound quality.  We highly recommend it.  Use our recommendation/referral code (推薦碼) C4HDC3 to save $5 when you sign up.  The service is intended for both U.S. and international communication)
  4. Turn your smartphones off.  Only use them for emergencies.   When you have to use it, practice caution to protect yourself, and others around you.
  5. School administrators should be aware of the dangers of 4G and 5G technologies and take off WIFI in school buildings or campus classrooms and dorms.
  6. Young people are more susceptible to the damage from microwave frequency.  They should avoid using smart phones unless absolutely necessary.

一些科學家警告說,使用 4G 和 5G 技術最終會毀滅人類。很多人不在乎。

用於 4G 和 5G 技術的無線電頻率太有害了。 5G 的射頻可高達 72 Ghz。頻率越高,能量越高。 5G射頻是一種已經在阿富汗使用的武器級微波。哈瓦那綜合症被懷疑是由微波武器引起的。

那些關心地球、人類和您的後代的人應該避免使用 4G 和 5G 技術。或者至少減少使用這種有害的基於微波的電信設備(配備 4G 和 5G 技術的智能手機)。


使用固定電話互聯網。電纜、陸線 DSL 和光纖電纜。避免使用基於無線電頻率的天線、WI FI 和衛星互聯網。

關閉調製解調器或路由器上的 WIFI。

設置和使用固定電話。如果不可用,請使用網絡電話。您可以通過特殊的路由器或調製解調器使用傳統電話,例如 提供的路由器或調製解調器( 提供的服務可讓您使用具有水晶般清晰音質的傳統電話。我們強烈推薦它。使用我們的建議/referral code (推薦碼) C4HDC3 註冊時可節省 5 美元。該服務適用於美國和國際通信)


學校管理人員應意識到 4G 和 5G 技術的危險,並在校舍或校園教室和宿舍中取消 WIFI。


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