Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares? | Wi-Fi – 正在醞釀中的沙利度胺。 誰在乎?

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Thalidomide is a medication that can harm the fetus when a pregnant women takes it.  The letter reveals the dangers of radio frequency technologies to human fertility and health.

沙利度胺是一種藥物,當孕婦服用時會傷害胎兒。 這封信揭示了射頻技術對人類生育能力和健康的危害。

Editor’s note:

Many people may have heard what Barrie Trower said in his letter as follows.  But who would care?  According to the author,  it is possible that the man-made radio frequency (RF) will eventually kill off those who do not care.  The first generation will suffer many health conditions including infertility and in the end die of some health condition.  If the first generation can bear children, then the next generation will have a much higher risk of infertility.  Eventually, those who have not protection will have his family wiped out of their history.  Only those who heed the warning and take action may protect themselves.

Many people understand the risk but simply complain that the industrial giants (telecommunication companies, ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile) are too greedy or did not do enough to protect the consumers.  If consumers do not care, why should the industries care?  The future is in the hands of consumers!  If they resist the RF technologies in their daily communication, the WI FI technology will not be used so widely in every household and work place.  Some scientists have already warned that 4G and 5G will terminate the humanity!

No.  Not all humans will die off.  To be exact, only those who do not care.  Those who care and are able to care like those rich people who are able to isolate themselves from the harmful environment can survive.  The possible outcome leads some people to theorize that use of RF technology is a plot to depopulation just like genetically modified foods and wars.

Human infertility as a whole declines gradually and steadily in advanced or rich countries while the poor countries where technologies are so 100 years ago still enjoy good and high fertility usually.  But chances have started to change.  As more technologies and technology products or medicines/vaccines find their way into those countries, their fertility starts to go downward.

Many species like birds, bees/insects, fish have died, how long could humanity hang around? Many health conditions have already manifested in many people.  It has been widely publicized that people who work for TV stations in Australia and China have died of cancer already.  Infertility is on the rise.  But consequences of many harms have not been counted.

If you care, go back to landline communication technologies.  Or at least use the TV-cable or phone-lined DSL or fiber-optic internet to communicate.  Or at least limit use of your cell phones for emergency only.  Or at least take WI FI out of schools to protect our children.


很多人可能都聽過巴里·特羅爾在他的信中是這樣說的。但誰會在意呢?根據作者的說法,人造射頻 (RF) 最終可能會殺死那些不在乎的人。第一代將遭受許多健康狀況,包括不育症,最終死於某些健康狀況。如果第一代可以生育,那麼下一代不孕的風險就會高很多。最終,那些沒有得到保護的人會將他的家人從他們的歷史中抹去。只有那些聽從警告並採取行動的人才能保護自己。

許多人理解風險,但只是抱怨工業巨頭(電信公司、ATT、Verizon 和 T-Mobile)太貪婪或在保護消費者方面做得不夠。如果消費者不關心,行業為什麼要關心?未來掌握在消費者手中!如果他們在日常通信中抵制射頻技術,WI FI 技術就不會在每個家庭和工作場所得到如此廣泛的應用。一些科學家已經警告說,4G和5G將終結人類!



鳥類、蜜蜂/昆蟲、魚類等許多物種已經死亡,人類還能存在多久?許多健康狀況已經在許多人身上表現出來。眾所周知,在澳大利亞和中國的電視台工作的人已經死於癌症。 不孕症呈上升趨勢。 但許多危害的後果尚未計算在內。

如果您關心,請回到固定電話通信技術。或者至少使用電視電纜或電話線 DSL 或光纖互聯網進行通信。或者至少限制在緊急情況下使用手機。或者至少將 WI FI 帶出學校以保護我們的孩子。


To download a PDF file for the following article, visit here.  If possible download the letter and read it instead of reading on this webpage.  It is hard to read these pages which are from the conversion of the PDF file to TEXT file without editing.

要下載以下文章的 PDF 文件,請訪問此處。 如果可能的話,下載這封信並閱讀它,而不是在這個網頁上閱讀。 這些從 PDF 文件轉換為 TEXT 文件的頁面不經過編輯很難閱讀。

Barrie Trower
September 2013
With Deference to all Scientists: this Research
Report has been written for all students and non-
scientists to understand.

Page 1

Microwave irradiation can cause oxidative and nitrosative stress to mitochondria – this DNA is lOx more susceptible to low level chronic microwave radiation than other DNA

= 400,000 FOWCLES
Low histone protein content i.e.
mitochondropathy N2 0 2 is essential for brain / immune system, any DNA damage is irreparable
and can pass to every female hence forth.

100 days for follicles to form: no definite structure thence 150+120 d. to mature
No protein 53 (x4) to fight radiation
No nuclear core complex (x30) proteins for defence
No factor 1 protein* (apoptosis)
Of 100 ,0 00 protein structures only 600 are known

7d = 100 Cells 28d = Heart
Body is initially inside out, i.e.
Woman may not know she is pregnant at this
FUNCTIONS 47d = fingers / toes
major organs are the most irradiated
stage: Hence no precautions taken

Every aspect of Child ‘C”s life has been at maximum risk from stages 1,2 & 3.

The greatest risk is yet to come . Biggest danger from school wi-fi irradiation on students and teachers

1st 56 days is when all embryos are most vulnerable. During the first 4-6 weeks, the mother
may not know she is pregnant, therefore will not shield the embryo from radiation.

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