How to use metabolic equivalents to guide safe and effective longevity training – Dr. Zhang | 怎樣用代謝當量來指導安全、有效的長壽訓練 – 章博士說長壽

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Life is about movement. We know that physical inactivity and obesity are among the leading causes of disease and death. Currently in the United States, about half of adults have some form of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, activity and exercise training is one of the most powerful tools for preventing and treating disease and prolonging life. Longevity exercise includes training the strength and stability of the body, aerobic exercise in zone 2 and zone 5, and it is very important that the amount of exercise should be within the sweet spot of longevity training. The results of the study prove that physical activity and longevity are not linear. In other words, it is not that the more you exercise, the healthier your body will be. About 2.5 percent of U.S. adults are exercising too much, exposing themselves to adverse health consequences. This video will present research evidence showing that the relationship between exercise and longevity has an inverse J-curve. How much exercise per week is in the sweet spot of longevity training? And what is metabolic equivalence and how to use it to help and guide us in safe and effective longevity training.

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