Protect the heart, strengthen muscle strength, maintain normal weight | 保護心臟、加強肌肉力量、維持正常體重 – 章博士說長壽

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Protect the heart, strengthen muscle strength, maintain normal weight

保護心臟、加強肌肉力量、維持正常體重 – 章博士說長壽

健康飲食的人壽命更長,患心髒病、2 型糖尿病、癌症和肥胖等嚴重健康問題的風險也更低。 對於患有慢性健康狀況或慢性疾病的人來說,健康飲食可以幫助控制這些疾病並預防並發症。 一些研究甚至表明,許多慢性疾病,如癌症、心血管疾病和糖尿病,可以通過健康飲食來逆轉。 研究還發現,健康飲食可以使中年人壽命延長六到七歲,使年輕人壽命延長十年或更長時間。

#飲食 #長壽 #抗衰老 以下是視頻中引用的研究論文的鏈接:……… comment:  Be aware that just because plant-based foods are healthier does not mean any plant-based foods are good for you. Also, even if a food is considered healthy does not mean it would be definitely healthier.  Consumers need to consider how the food is processed.  Vegetable oils such as corn oil, soy oil, or even canola oil are not necessarily healthier than animal fats which are largely saturated.  Vegetable oils are mostly unsaturated and are chemically unstable; they are readily converted to become trans fat when subjecting to high heat.  Trans fat is a known risk factor for cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Eating healthy means

  1. Eating clean, natural forms of foods.  Do not use foods that are grown with excess amounts of pesticides and unnecessary bioengineering technology which are not safe even though they rarely cause any acute clinical conditions.
  2. Eating lightly processed foods with majority unprocessed or raw foods.
  3. Eating a complete diet that include all nutrients that you need.
  4. Not eating excessively.  Any healthy diet when eaten excessively, becomes unhealthy. 評論:請注意,植物性食品更健康並不意味著任何植物性食品都對您有好處。 此外,即使某種食物被認為是健康的,也不意味著它一定更健康。 消費者需要考慮食品的加工方式。 玉米油、大豆油甚至菜籽油等植物油不一定比大部分飽和的動物脂肪更健康。 植物油大多是不飽和的,化學性質不穩定; 當受到高溫時,它們很容易轉化為反式脂肪。 反式脂肪是癌症、心血管疾病和糖尿病的已知危險因素。


  1. 吃乾淨、天然的食物。 不要使用使用過量農藥和不必要的生物工程技術種植的食品,這些技術雖然很少引起任何急性臨床症狀,但並不安全。
  2. 吃輕度加工的食物,大部分是未加工的或生的食物。
  3. 吃完整的飲食,包括您需要的所有營養。
  4. 不吃過量。 任何健康的飲食如果吃得過多,就會變得不健康。
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