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Advanced glycation end products is a major factor promoting human aging.  What is advanced glycation end products (AGEs)?  AGES basically results from reactions between reducing sugars such as glucose and fructose and protein or amino acids.  Baked products, foods cooked with sugar added can form a lot of advanced glycation end products.  Studies have found this type of chemical can raise risk of a variety of health conditions such as cancer and promote human aging.

晚期糖基化終末產物是促進人體衰老的主要因素。 什麼是晚期糖基化終末產物 (AGEs)? AGES 基本上是由葡萄糖和果糖等還原糖與蛋白質或氨基酸之間的反應產生的。 烘焙食品、加糖烹調的食物會形成很多晚期糖基化終末產物。 研究發現,這種化學物質會增加患癌症等多種健康狀況的風險,並促進人類衰老。


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