Skipping breakfast increases cardiovascular and all-cause mortality By Dr. Zhang | 不吃早餐增加心血管和全因死亡率 | 章博士說長壽

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Editor’s comment:

Studies like one reported in the video cannot establish a cause-effect relationship.  Does skipping breakfast is the cause of increased cardiovascular mortality?  Not necessarily.  Studies of this sort are welcome by food companies which do not want people to skip breakfast.  If consumers only eat two meals, guess how much loss in revenue would the food companies suffer?

The fact is that people in the West tend to overeat which is the root of many chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases.  Skipping breakfast is a bad idea for those who do laborious work in the morning.  But it is not too bad an idea for those who do office work which does not require too much caloric expenditure.  For those people, skipping breakfast is a way of fasting.  It has been a common sense that most people do not have an appetite in the morning, which has a reason.

People who practice intermittent fasting often skip breakfast.  They eat meals in a span of 8 or 6 hours or less, often from noon to 6:00 pm in the afternoon.  By the way, eating dinner after 7:00 can be harmful to a person’s health.  Japanese found people who eat dinner late tend to have stomach problems.

In short, the study per se cannot say that skipping breakfast increases the rate of cardiovascular death.




練習間歇性禁食的人經常不吃早餐。他們在 8 或 6 小時或更短的時間內進餐,通常是從中午到下午 6:00。順便說一句,7:00 後吃晚餐可能對人的健康有害。日本人發現晚飯吃得晚的人往往有胃病。


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