Sugar ki lls probiotics leading to obesity and disease | 糖會殺死導致肥胖和疾病的有益腸道細菌益生菌

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An animal study conducted by researchers at Columbia University in New York suggests that ingesting too much processed sugar from processed foods such as chocolate, cookies, ice cream, cakes increase risk of obesity and other diseases by killing good gut bacteria that help protect against obesity and disease.

The study in mice published in the journal Cell finds that  sugar can have a negative effect on the gut microbiome in which some good bacteria or probiotics influence our immune system.

Good bacteria, bad bacteria

Many bacteria live in the gut and are responsible for increasing certain immune cells, specifically so-called T helper cells, or Th17 cells .  In the current study, the researchers observed that these immune cells regulate fat absorption in he mice’s gut.

The researchers also found that a sugar-loaded diet promotes the growth of certain bacteria, which in turn kills the immune-boosting probiotics. As a result, more fat is absorbed in the study mice through the intestinal mucosa, and the mice eventually became not only overweight but also sick.





許多細菌生活在腸道中,負責增加某些免疫細胞,特別是所謂的 T 輔助細胞或 Th17 細胞。在目前的研究中,研究人員觀察到這些免疫細胞調節小鼠腸道中的脂肪吸收。


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