This Common Artificial Sweetener Breaks Down Your DNA | 這種常見的人造甜味劑會破壞您的 DNA

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This Common Artificial Sweetener Breaks Down Your DNA

Those who blind trust others should read this scientific report attentively.

A research report published May 29, 2023, in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, reveals that a chemical broken down in your body from sucralose, an artificial sweetener commonly used in foods and beverage is genotoxic and can break up human DNA.

Sucralose, branded as Splenda, is used in hundreds of food products, from chewing gum to diet soda and other soft drinks, to frozen and dry packaged foods, gelatins and baked goods, as well as a free-flowing sugar replacement, which can be claimed to have zero calories.

“As DNA holds the genetic code controlling how our bodies grow and are maintained, that’s a serious problem that could lead to multiple health issues,” Science Alert reported.

“So significant are the researchers’ concerns, they are now calling for food standard agencies to review the safety and regulatory status of the sugar substitute.”

The report says the implications of their findings, “raise significant health concerns regarding the safety and regulatory status of sucralose itself.”

This is not the first bad news for artificial sweeteners.


這種常見的人造甜味劑會破壞您的 DNA


2023 年 5 月 29 日發表在《毒理學與環境健康雜誌》上的一份研究報告顯示,三氯蔗糖是一種常用於食品和飲料的人造甜味劑,它在您體內分解的一種化學物質具有遺傳毒性,可以破壞人類 DNA。

三氯蔗糖,商標為 Splenda,用於數百種食品中,從口香糖到無糖蘇打水和其他軟飲料,再到冷凍和乾燥包裝食品、明膠和烘焙食品,以及一種自由流動的糖替代品,可以 聲稱零卡路里。

“由於 DNA 持有控制我們身體生長和維持的遺傳密碼,這是一個可能導致多種健康問題的嚴重問題,”Science Alert 報導。




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