This meat product is really obviously carcinogenic 這種肉製品真的明顯致癌

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Editor’s note:  Nitrites can trigger the formation of nitrisoamines in the body which are actual carcinogen or cancer causing chemicals.  It is best to avoid eating nitrite-containing cured meat products such as hot dogs, ham and bacon meats.   Not all food companies use nitrite  to cure meats.  Some that are aware of the potential harm or at least the bad public perception of nitrite use celery juice, which is high in nitrite, to cure meats.

編者按:亞硝酸鹽會在體內引發亞硝胺的形成,這是真正的致癌物質或致癌化學物質。 最好避免食用熱狗、火腿、熏肉等含亞硝酸鹽的醃肉製品。並非所有食品公司都使用亞硝酸鹽來醃製肉類。 一些食品公司意識到亞硝酸鹽的潛在危害或至少是公眾對亞硝酸鹽的不良看法使用亞硝酸鹽含量高的芹菜汁來醃製肉類。

A leading scientist has urged a ban on the use of “nitrite” in food as new research highlights the “clear cancer risk” associated with regular consumption of processed meats such as bacon and ham.

The Guardian reports that research by scientists at Queen’s University Belfast found that mice fed a diet containing chemicals (used to cure bacon and give it its distinctive appearance) were compared to mice fed nitrite-free pork. Mice fed a processed meat diet (pink) had a 75 percent higher chance of developing cancerous tumors, and an 82 percent increase in intestinal tumors was found in mice fed nitrite-cured pork compared with the control group.

In light of the study, academics called on the government to change its stance on nitrites in processed meats, emphasizing that “the results of this new study add clarity to the cancer risks associated with nitrite-cured meats, which are Nitrite-infused bacon and ham pose a very real risk to public health.” The study also found no increased tumor risk in mice fed a similar amount of nitrite-free pork, further evidence that consumption of these chemicals has a significant impact on cancer risk.

It is reported that about 90% of the bacon sold in the UK is thought to contain nitrite, and previous research has linked nitrite to the appearance of bowel, breast and prostate cancer. Despite the relatively high dietary intake of processed meat containing 15% nitrite, the researchers said the findings suggest that “even lower meat intakes may still increase the risk of cancer”.



《衛報》報導稱,貝爾法斯特女王大學的科學家進行的研究發現,將餵食含有化學物質(用於醃製培根並賦予其獨特外觀)的飲食的老鼠與餵食無亞硝酸鹽豬肉的老鼠進行了比較。 餵食加工肉類(粉紅色)的小鼠患癌性腫瘤的機率高出 75%,與對照組相比,餵食亞硝酸鹽醃製豬肉的小鼠腸道腫瘤增加了 82%。

鑑於這項研究,學者們呼籲政府改變其對加工肉類中亞硝酸鹽的立場,強調“這項新研究的結果明確了與亞硝酸鹽醃製肉類相關的癌症風險,這些肉類是亞硝酸鹽注入的培根和 火腿對公眾健康構成了非常真實的風險。” 該研究還發現,餵食類似數量的無亞硝酸鹽豬肉的小鼠的腫瘤風險沒有增加,進一步證明食用這些化學物質對癌症風險有顯著影響。

據報導,在英國銷售的大約 90% 的培根被認為含有亞硝酸鹽,之前的研究已將亞硝酸鹽與腸癌、乳腺癌和前列腺癌的出現聯繫起來。 儘管含有 15% 亞硝酸鹽的加工肉類的膳食攝入量相對較高,但研究人員表示,研究結果表明,“即使肉類攝入量較低,仍可能增加患癌症的風險”。


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