Healthy lifestyle makes you 11 years younger | 健康生活方式讓你年輕11歲

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Healthy lifestyle makes you 11 years younger

A healthy life style slow down the aging process.  A recent study conducted by a team of scientists from  the American Nutrition Association and the University of Virginia indicates that following healthy life style for eight weeks can reverse a person’s biological age by as much as 11 years with an average of 3.6  years.

For the study, a group of volunteers were advised to modify a few factors of life style including:

1) Dietary intervention: Volunteers were told to follow a diet restricted to simple carbohydrates, mainly plant-based diet including vegetables and fruit.  However, they are also advised to eat sufficient animal protein, that is five to 10 eggs per week, 170 grams of animal protein daily and three servings of liver, 85 grams per serving, per week.

2) Volunteers were required to use all meals within 12 hours in a day and they must drink eight glasses of water per day.

3) Dietary supplements: Volunteers are directed to use probiotics containing 40 million CPU Lactobacillus plnntarum299v and a fruit/vegetable powder rich in polyphenols, twice a day on average.

4) Exercise and relaxation:  Study subjects were told to exercise at leas five days a week with at least 30 minutes per session.  The intensity of physical exercise should reach 60 to 80% capacity.  For relaxation, each volunteer received relaxation guidance twice a day, mainly breathing training for 10 minutes per session each time is only 10 minutes.

5) Sleep: Volunteers were required to sleep at least seven hours per night.

After the 8-week intervention, the biological age of all participants was reduced with the maximum reduction 11 years and the minimum 1.22 years.

The average volunteers’ biological age was reversed 4.6 years from 55.49 to 51.23 years.

A person’s biological age is the his physiology and function in relation to the natural age of the person.


健康的生活方式可以延緩衰老過程。 美國營養協會和弗吉尼亞大學的科學家團隊最近進行的一項研究表明,堅持健康的生活方式八周可以將一個人的生物年齡逆轉多達 11 歲,平均為 3.6 歲。


1)飲食干預:志願者被告知飲食僅限於簡單碳水化合物,主要是植物性飲食,包括蔬菜和水果。 不過,也建議他們吃足夠的動物蛋白,即每週5至10個雞蛋,每天170克動物蛋白和每週3份肝臟,每份85克。


3)膳食補充劑:指導志願者使用含有4000萬CPU Lactobacillus plntarum299v的益生菌和富含多酚的果蔬粉,平均每天兩次。

4) 鍛煉和放鬆:研究對像被告知每周至少鍛煉五天,每次鍛煉至少 30 分鐘。 體育鍛煉的強度應達到能力的60%~80%。 對於放鬆,每位志願者每天接受兩次放鬆指導,主要是每次10分鐘的呼吸訓練,每次只有10分鐘。





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