Reduced inflammation slows down aging – Dr. Zhang | 行之有效的預防和延緩衰老 – 章博士說長壽

Aging is characterized by chronic low-grade, multi-tissue inflammation that enables mitochondrial dysfunction, epigenetic alterations, genomic instability, telomere attrition, stem cell exhaustion, and more. Chronic inflammation leads to the production of senescent cells, which further stimulate inflammation, leading to the occurrence of body aging and senile diseases. How to effectively prevent and delay aging is a topic that has been discussed in geriatric research. Recent scientific findings demonstrate how fasting is effective in improving inflammation and reversing aging on a molecular basis.


衰老的特徵是慢性低度、多組織炎症,使得線粒體功能障礙、表觀遺傳改變、基因組不穩定性、端粒磨損、幹細胞衰竭等。慢性炎症導致衰老細胞的產生,衰老細胞又進一步刺激炎症,導致機體衰老和老年疾病的發生。怎樣才能行之有效的預防和延緩衰老, 是老年科學研究一直探討的課題。 最近的科學研究結果,從分子理論的層面上證明禁食是如何有效的改善炎症和逆轉衰老的

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