GlyNAC supplementation protects mitochondrial function, reverses aging, and prolongs lifespan | 補充GlyNAC保護線粒體功能、逆轉衰老、延長壽命 | 章博士說長壽

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The previous issues featured a study reporting for the first time that inhibition of CD38 increased NAD+, a key longevity molecule, extending lifespan by 17%. Today, another glutathione-boosting supplement will be introduced: Glycine and N-Acetyl Cysteine, or GlyNAC for short. Glutathione and NAD+ work together to protect mitochondrial function, maintain normal cell operation, and improve muscle strength, thereby effectively reversing the four signs of aging and extending lifespan. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have demonstrated in human trials that GlyNAC has a very good anti-aging effect. However, to prove that GlyNAC can prolong human life is limited by the time required, and the cost is expensive. Therefore, they used the results of animal studies to provide evidence, complementing the results of these human studies. They found that supplementation with GlyNAC can extend lifespan by 24%, which is equivalent to a human hopeful to live to around 120 years old. #GlyNACglycine & N-acetylcysteine #glutathione #extended life

上一期介紹了一項研究報導,首次證明抑制CD38能夠增加 關鍵的延年益壽分子NAD+,延長壽命17%。今天,將介紹另一種提升谷胱甘肽的補充劑:甘氨酸和N-乙酰半胱氨酸,簡稱GlyNAC。谷胱甘肽和NAD+一起保護線粒體功能,維持正常的細胞運轉,改善肌肉力量,從而有效的逆轉 四大衰老標誌、延長壽命。 休斯頓貝勒醫學院研究人員,已經在人體試驗中證明 GlyNAC有很好的對抗衰老作用。但是,要證明GlyNAC能夠延長人的壽命受到所需時間的限制,和費用的昂貴性。 因此,他們用動物研究的結果來提供證據,補充這些人類研究的結果。他們發現補充GlyNAC可以延長壽命24%,相當於人類有希望活到120歲左右。#GlyNAC甘氨酸和N-乙酰半胱氨酸 #谷胱甘肽 #延長壽命



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