How to prevent damage from fluoride | 如何防止氟化物的損害

Fluoride, which is a toxic element, comes from various sources, toothpaste, dental fluoride treatment, drinking water, and high fluoride containing foods.

Fluoride is known to cause toxicities in multiple organs including the liver and the kidney and the brain.  It is known that fluoride lowers IQ in children, and increase risk of bone cancer in boys.

The simple preventative is vitamin C.  Read here for more information on fluoride and vitamin C.


眾所周知,氟化物會對包括肝臟、腎臟和大腦在內的多個器官造成毒性。 眾所周知,氟化物會降低兒童的智商,並增加男孩患骨癌的風險。

簡單的預防措施是維生素 C。閱讀此處了解有關氟化物和維生素 C 的更多信息。

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