Molecular hydrogen can help reduce x-ray-induced cellular damage 分子氫可以幫助減少 X 射線誘導的細胞損傷

Sunday 08/22/2021 ( — It has been known for long that ionizing radiations such as x-ray can cause severe damage to DNA and because of that mutations which can lead to carcinogenics-development of cancer.

Studies conducted in China suggest that molecular hydrogen can help reduce the x-ray induced cellular damage and reduce the risk of cancer development.

One study published at reveals the protective effect of molecular hydrogen against the cellular damage induced by x-ray.

JianMing Cai and colleagues explain in their study report that x-ray cause radiolysis of water and produce hydroxy radicals (.OH) while molecular hydrogen selectively reduces hydroxyl radicals (•OH) and peroxynitrite (ONOO–).

Hydroxy radicals can cause breakdown of DNA.  (25 to 35% of DNA breakdown during the x-ray imaging occurs because x-ray directly hit DNA molecules.  70% of DNA breakdown is due to the damage by hydroxy radicals and other free radicals.)

Molecular hydrogen serves as an antioxidant in this case and reduce the x-ray induced DNA damages.   Other studies found that other antioxidants such as vitamin C can help reduce the x-ray induced DNA damage.

During the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant. some rescue workers were treated with high doses of vitamin C (via IV injections) prior to entering the polluted site were found having minimal radiation induced damage biomarkers, suggesting that vitamin C in high doses can help protect against radiation induced damage.

More studies are needed to determine how powerful molecular hydrogen can be used as a protective agent against radiation-induced damage. (Dr. Lu)

2021 年 8 月 22 日星期日 ( — 眾所周知,電離輻射(如 X 射線)會對 DNA 造成嚴重損害,並且由於這種突變可能導致致癌物——癌症的發展。

在中國進行的研究表明,分子氫可以幫助減少 X 射線引起的細胞損傷並降低患癌症的風險。

發表在 上的一項研究揭示了分子氫對 X 射線誘導的細胞損傷的保護作用。

蔡建明及其同事在他們的研究報告中解釋說,X 射線會導致水的輻射分解並產生羥基自由基 (.OH),而分子氫則選擇性地還原羥基自由基 (•OH) 和過氧亞硝酸鹽 (ONOO-)。

羥基自由基會導致 DNA 分解。 (在 X 射線成像過程中,25% 到 35% 的 DNA 分解發生是因為 X 射線直接擊中 DNA 分子。70% 的 DNA 分解是由於羥基自由基和其他自由基的損傷。)

在這種情況下,分子氫充當抗氧化劑並減少 X 射線誘導的 DNA 損傷。其他研究發現,其他抗氧化劑如維生素 C 可以幫助減少 X 射線引起的 DNA 損傷。

在福島核電站熔毀期間。一些救援人員在進入污染地點之前接受了高劑量的維生素 C 治療(通過靜脈注射),他們發現輻射引起的損傷生物標誌物最少,這表明高劑量的維生素 C 有助於防止輻射引起的損傷。


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