Super-antioxidant N-acetylcysteine helps clear body of mRNA jab toxins | 超級抗氧化劑 N-乙酰半胱氨酸有助於清除體內的 mRNA 刺針毒素

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Image: Super-antioxidant N-acetylcysteine helps clear body of mRNA jab toxins

(Natural News) The presence of graphene oxide and other noxious chemicals in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” is taking a major toll on the health of every person who got injected with one – and possibly on the unvaccinated who are being “shed” on as well. There is a solution, though: N-acetylcysteine, also known as NAC.

NAC can help to rid the body of graphene oxide, spike proteins, and whatever other poisons are hidden inside COVID injection vials because of their super-antioxidant powers. NAC can help to stop the things that damage cellular function and DNA integrity, including COVID jabs.

“NAC can help remove graphene oxide because it’s a precursor to glutathione,” says Brendon Fallon of “Vital Signs,” a program of The Epoch Times, quoting Drs. Yuhong Dong and Ann Corson, who authored an article about the subject.

“When our glutathione levels are high, our immune system works well. But when there’s more graphene oxide than glutathione in the body, our immune system collapses, triggering a cytokine storm. In this way, graphene oxide in the body can cause disease.”

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Astaxanthin, melatonin, milk thistle, quercetin, vitamin C and vitamin D3 all aid in detoxifying the body of COVID injections

Where NAC comes into play in all this is that by supplementing your diet with it, your body’s natural glutathione levels will increase in response. This, in turn, will give your body the extra detoxifying power it needs to get rid of all the toxins from COVID injections.

Brighteon.TV“NAC helps the body to make glutathione. What’s more, NAC can be combined with zinc, another powerful antioxidant, to degrade graphene oxide.”

There are a number of other powerful natural remedies that go along with NAC and zinc to keep your body clean and COVID jab-free. These include astaxanthin, melatonin, milk thistle, quercetin, vitamin C, and vitamin D3.

There is no guarantee that taking all these things, even in high doses, will for sure cleanse your body of COVID jab toxins like graphene oxide – but they can sure help.

NAC is also a remedy for so-called “long COVID,” as explained by pain medicine specialist Dr. Joseph Audette.

“NAC is an amino acid that our body already has, but we’re trying to supplement it more so our liver will actually convert it to glutathione, because glutathione is a scavenger in our body and gets rid of a lot of toxic materials that may have developed as our immune system has first attacked the virus early on, but then if our immune system overreacted may still be attacking certain cells in our body and causing a debris in our body that from an acupuncture standpoint we look at as a certain type of toxicity.”

From this, the takeaway is that supplementing with NAC gives our bodies that extra boost it needs to really clean up all the leftovers from either COVID itself or the toxic injection in people who took it.

Even if you did not take the jab or ever “catch” COVID, your body is still under attack every single day by toxins that produce free radicals, which need to be scavenged and removed by antioxidants. NAC is one of the best super-antioxidants out there, so give it a look.

There are also bioactive, denatured, whey-derived varieties of NAC out there that some say have been clinically shown to possibly work even better than NAC because of its increased bioavailability.

Learn more about natural remedies that can help clear your body of COVID and COVID jab poisons at

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