Why can’t most people enter God’s Kingdom? | 生命智慧 #33 – 多数人不能进入天堂的真正原因 l 装备生命

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We all make mistakes here and there, offending not only some people, but more importantly the one and only God. The biggest mistake we do not want to make is, willingly conduct ourselves against God’s will. May God bless us, have mercy on all of us, and help us to understand what we should do to have Him accept us.

However, keep in mind that our good deed alone cannot guarantee that we would be able to stand to face God. This is because we cannot do everything perfectly. We are in an imperfect form. That is why we need God’s salvation. To receive God’s salvation, accept Jesus as our personal savior and follow him.

So the key words are accept him and follow him. May God bless us such that we can follow Jesus as our model to live our life according to God’s will.

我們都會時不時地犯錯,不僅冒犯了一些人,更重要的是冒犯了獨一的上帝。 我們不想犯的最大錯誤是,心甘情願地違背上帝的旨意。 願上帝保佑我們,憐憫我們所有人,幫助我們明白我們應該做什麼才能讓他接受我們。

但是,請記住,單靠我們的善行並不能保證我們能夠站立面對上帝。 這是因為我們不可能把每件事都做得完美。 我們處於不完美的狀態。 這就是為什麼我們需要神的救恩。 要接受上帝的救恩,請接受耶穌為我們個人的救主並跟隨他。

所以關鍵詞是接受他並跟隨他。 願上帝保佑我們,使我們能以耶穌為榜樣,按照上帝的旨意過我們的生活。

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