The GOSPEL Descent Truth Life Calling 《福音》降临 恩典 真理 生命 呼唤

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This series tells you what Christianity is about.  If you were destined to be part of the God’s Kingdom, you would know this message is for you.   Those who do not know if this is for them, say a prayer to ask God to guide you through the process.

The Bible indicates that only some people could accept the message.  Jesus told his disciples that you believe in me because you see what I am and those who do not see me but accept me are those who are blessed.   Hope you are a blessed one.

Do not let the earthy life allure you away from the truth.  Think about your second life after life.  Your eternal life should be in Jesus and through him, you are accepted by your Father your God.  Do your life not your body a favor.  Your body will disintegrate and disappear from the earth.  But your spiritual life remains.  That is the life after your current life.

But even in this world, you live not just a physical life, but a spiritual life as well.    When you accept Jesus and follow him in your current life, your spiritual life is renewed.   Ever since, your life becomes part of God’s Kingdom. (You are back to Eden because your offense to God has been forgotten.).  The good relationship between you and your Lord has then been established.  Ever since, you live in Jesus and He take care of you.

這個系列告訴你什麼是基督教。 如果你注定要成為上帝王國的一份子,你就會知道這個信息是給你的。 那些不知道這是否適合他或她的人,祈禱祈求上帝引導您完成整個過程。

聖經表明只有一些人可以接受這個信息。 耶穌告訴他的門徒,你們相信我,因為你們看到了我,那些沒有看到我卻接受我的人是有福的。 希望你是一個有福的人。

不要讓世俗的生活引誘你遠離真相。 想想你來世的第二次生命。 不要拒絕你的生命。 你的永生應該在耶穌裡,通過他,你被你的天父接納。 做你的生命而不是你的身體一個忙。 你的身體會瓦解並從地球上消失。 但你的精神生命仍然存在。

但即使在這個世界上,你也不僅過著物質生活,也過著精神生活。 當你接受耶穌並在你目前的生活中跟隨他時,你的精神生活就會得到更新。 從那時起,你的生活就成為上帝王國的一部分。 (你回到伊甸園是因為你對上帝的冒犯已經被忘記了。) 你和你的主之間的良好關係就這樣建立起來了。 從那以後,你住在耶穌裡,他照顧你。




《福音》第三集 :生命


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