American government poised to unleash “Angel of Death” smallpox bioweapon to create perpetual crisis | 美國政府準備釋放“死亡天使”天花生物武器製造永久危機

Editor’s note:  Everyone should get ready for the next smallpox pandemic which would kill as many as 30% of the world population.  FDA already approved TPOXX in 2018.  The drug was developed to treat smallpox.  If there is no risk, no need to create the medication.  Now that the drug is ready, then a smallpox pandemic should be expected soon.  You need to know that drug companies invested millions of dollars to develop this medication, and they want to make money out of the drug.  And they know they will get the money back.  They know HOW. Otherwise, they would not waste time and money to develop TPOXX.

編者按:每個人都應該為下一次天花大流行做好準備,天花大流行將殺死多達 30% 的世界人口。 FDA 已於 2018 年批准了 TPOXX。該藥物是為治療天花而開發的。 如果沒有風險,則無需創建藥物。 既然藥物已經準備好了,那麼應該很快就會出現天花大流行。

你需要知道製藥公司投資了數百萬美元來開發這種藥物,他們想從這種藥物中賺錢。 他們知道他們會拿回錢。 他們知道如何。 否則,他們不會浪費時間和金錢來開發 TPOXX。

(Natural News) Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is already signaling the arrival of his next plandemic, which appears to involve the intentional release of a smallpox bioweapon.

億萬富翁優生學家比爾·蓋茨(Bill Gates)已經發出下一次大流行的信號,這似乎涉及有意釋放天花生物武器。

The mainstream media has been littered as of late with stories about mysterious smallpox “vials” and other things related to smallpox. We also reported about eight years ago that the federal government was stockpiling smallpox “vaccines” for some reason.

近來,主流媒體充斥著有關神秘天花“小瓶”和其他與天花有關的事物的故事。 大約八年前,我們還報導過聯邦政府出於某種原因儲備了天花“疫苗”。

Just the other day, a worker at a laboratory outside of Philadelphia supposedly stumbled upon about 15 vials of smallpox … something inside of a refrigerator. The FBI and other federal agencies reportedly intervened and are conducting an “investigation.”

就在前幾天,據說費城郊外實驗室的一名工作人員在冰箱裡偶然發現了大約 15 瓶天花……某種東西。 據報導,聯邦調查局和其他聯邦機構進行了乾預並正在進行“調查”。

Then, the Daily Mail (U.K.) reported on a warning from Gates, who claims that “terrorists” (himself?) are planning to unleash a smallpox bioweapon. This, according to Gates, requires that governments spend billions of dollars to “prevent future pandemics.”

然後,《每日郵報》(英國)報導了蓋茨的警告,他聲稱“恐怖分子”(他自己?)正計劃釋放天花生物武器。 根據蓋茨的說法,這需要政府花費數十億美元來“預防未來的流行病”。

It just so happens that Gates addressed all of this at his “Event 201” initiative, which conveniently occurred right before the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was first announced by the mainstream media.

碰巧的是,蓋茨在他的“Event 201”倡議中解決了所有這些問題,該倡議恰好發生在主流媒體首次宣布武漢冠狀病毒(Covid-19)之前。

This plandemic exercise, which occurred in October 2019, laid the groundwork for the Chinese Virus. Now, Gates is laying the groundwork for a smallpox plandemic, which we speculate will soon go viral (pun intended).

這場發生在 2019 年 10 月的大流行性演習為中國病毒奠定了基礎。 現在,蓋茨正在為天花大流行奠定基礎,我們推測這將很快傳播開來(雙關語)。

Biden bought millions of dollars’ worth of smallpox drugs back in September – WHY?

拜登在 9 月份購買了價值數百萬美元的天花藥物——為什麼?

For years, we were told by the government and the media that smallpox was eradicated. This supposedly occurred back in 1980. Now, however, it is making a resurgence in the headlines, at least, and will probably soon emerge in humans.

多年來,政府和媒體告訴我們天花已被根除。 據推測,這發生在 1980 年。然而,現在,它正在重新成為頭條新聞,至少,並且可能很快就會出現在人類身上。

Back in September, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under Pedo Joe Biden arranged for the delivery of $112.5 million worth of a drug called TPOXX, which just so happens to be a pharmaceutical medication designed to treat smallpox.

Why was this order placed? Does the Biden regime know something that the rest of us do not? Is smallpox soon to become the next plandemic? Will they call it Smallpox-21?

早在 9 月,Pedo Joe Biden 領導下的衛生與公眾服務部 (HHS) 就安排運送價值 1.125 億美元的一種名為 TPOXX 的藥物,這種藥物恰好是一種用於治療天花的藥物。

為什麼下這個訂單? 拜登政權知道我們其他人不知道的事情嗎? 天花很快會成為下一個流行病嗎? 他們會稱它為天花 21 嗎?

“… while there is a chance that these three stories that might seem unrelated actually are ‘unrelated’ to each other after-all, there’s also the chance that the three stories are sewn together like a perfectly stitched ‘conspiracy,’ one used to further crack down upon the free people of the planet,” warns All News Pipeline, referring to individual stories about the smallpox vials, Gates’ smallpox bioweapon warning, and the HHS purchase of TPOXX.

“……雖然這三個看似無關的故事有可能實際上彼此‘無關’,但也有可能將這三個故事縫合在一起,就像一個完美縫合的‘陰謀’,一個用來進一步 打擊地球上的自由人民,”All News Pipeline 警告說,指的是關於天花小瓶的個別故事、蓋茨的天花生物武器警告以及 HHS 購買 TPOXX。

What many are wondering is how did “mystery” vials appear in Philadelphia when there are only two labs in the entire world that have been authorized to store smallpox samples?


This Philadelphia lab, by the way, is owned by none other than Merck & Co. Does this mean that Merck is developing some kind of drug concoction to be strategically released just after the smallpox bioweapon is released?


Gates has also recently spoke about “germ games,” which he likened to “war games” used by militaries during conflicts. Is the deep state planning to soon unleash a biological war against the people?

蓋茨最近還談到了“細菌遊戲”,他將其比作軍隊在衝突期間使用的“戰爭遊戲”。 深層國家是否計劃很快對人民發動一場生物戰爭?

“… while the flu or common cold being ‘eradicated’ (as Gates put it) would be great, these ‘germ-games’ Gates speaks of sound like false flag exercises to push ‘germs’ out into the world, and coming at a time when we know that the globalists need (in their insane minds) to ‘eradicate’ a large portion of the world’s population,” All News Pipeline further reports.

“……雖然流感或普通感冒被‘根除’(正如蓋茨所說)會很棒,但這些‘細菌遊戲’蓋茨說的聽起來像是假旗練習,以將‘細菌’推向世界,並以 當我們知道全球主義者需要(在他們瘋狂的頭腦中)‘消滅’世界上的大部分人口時,”所有新聞管道進一步報導。

Smallpox, in case you are unfamiliar with it, is said to be “a contagious, disfiguring and often deadly disease that has affected humans for thousands of years.”


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