Be warned that Congress wants to prohibit you from using vitamins and supplements 請注意,國會希望禁止您使用維生素和補充劑

While they scare you with “variants,” Congress wants to make dietary supplements prescription only – TAKE ACTION NOW

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Image: While they scare you with “variants,” Congress wants to make dietary supplements prescription only – TAKE ACTION NOW

Editor’s note: Those who do not believe in God needs to wise up.  Read the Bible to understand what is coming when the world is nearing the end.  What people see is not just political.  It is spiritual.  No one can stop it.   It is all about your rights, start with your health freedom, free speech, gun rights, then life necessities (foods and water), and eventually your life!   The world will end, maybe sooner than thought.  And for Christians, their hope is in Jesus!

不信神的人要聰明起來。 閱讀聖經以了解世界即將結束時將要發生的事情。 人們看到的不僅僅是政治。 它是精神的。 沒有人能夠阻止它。 這完全關乎您的權利,從您的健康自由、言論自由、槍支權利開始,然後是生活必需品(食物和水),最終是您的生命! 世界會結束,也許比想像的要早。 而對於基督徒來說,他們的希望在於耶穌!

(Natural News) Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is once again attempting to eliminate your freedom to access dietary supplements, this time by slipping his own hidden bill into the upcoming appropriations bill, which is expected to be voted on at some point next week.

In an emergency announcement, Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show warned his listeners that the Codex Alimentarius scheme – it never went away, by the way – is being quietly slipped in while the government and mainstream media try to scare Americans about the latest Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “variants.”

“Durbin wants to take away your right” to purchase dietary supplements, Hodges warns.

“Durbin’s bill that will be hidden within another bill, which should be totally illegal, is going to take supplements and not keep you from getting them,” but require that you get them through a doctor with a prescription, which will make them cost at least five times more – and the profits go to Big Pharma.

“This is the German model, and it’s in Durbin’s bill,” Hodges says. “I’m so sick of government thinking they can control every action. This is Marxism.”

Tell your Congress critter to vote NO on Durbin’s supplement prohibition bill

For a country that boasts being the “land of the free,” we sure do have to contend with more than our fair share of nanny state prohibitions on using nature. For decades, that prohibition centered mostly around healing herbs like cannabis sativa and psilocybin mushrooms. Now, Congress wants to make all of nature available only through prescription from a Western medicine doctor.

“We go to war to control our population. We go to war on freedom. We go to war on liberty. We go to war on individual choice. We go to war on people being successful. We tax them into oblivion,” Hodges laments. “That’s Dick Durbin. And Dick Durbin now wants to take away your options.”

“You’re in real danger of losing your access to supplements at the current price and availability that you have, and I thought you had a right to know.”

The Alliance for Natural Health – USA (ANH-USA) put up its own action alert complete with a submission portal for sending your comments of opposition to Congress.

If it slips through, Durbin’s bill will give enormous power to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to eliminate access to dietary supplements, which the agency has been trying to do for years.

“Senator Durbin’s goal is to create a mandatory product listing with the FDA, which seems innocuous but is far from it,” warns ANH-USA.

“The problem is that FDA is separately completing a process to eliminate every supplement from the market that doesn’t meet ‘new supplement’ notification requirements, which are akin to new drug requirements, and the FDA needs Sen. Durbin’s list to locate and pull and estimated 41,700 supplements from the market.”

In other words, Durbin’s bill is a bait-and-switch that at a glance might seem useful, but upon closer look is a Trojan Horse that serves the interests of Big Pharma.

“Drugs can afford these types of requirements because they are patentable in a way natural food supplements are not, which means that supplements do not have the ability to recoup the costs of complying with additional regulations,” ANH-USA further explains.

“This will either force companies to go out of business or it will make supplements so expensive that they are priced out of the market.”

Be sure to sign the petition calling for Durbin’s bill to be shot down and removed from the upcoming appropriations bill.

The latest news about the government’s relentless efforts to eliminate our access to nature can be found at

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在緊急聲明中,The Common Sense Show 的戴夫霍奇斯警告他的聽眾,食品法典計劃——順便說一下,它從未消失過——正在悄悄地溜進來,而政府和主流媒體試圖嚇唬美國人關於最新的武漢冠狀病毒(Covid-19)“變體”。



“這是德國模式,它在德賓的法案中,”霍奇斯說。 “我厭倦了政府認為他們可以控制每一個行動。這就是馬克思主義。”



“我們發動戰爭是為了控制我們的人口。我們為自由而戰。我們為自由而戰。我們在個人選擇上開戰。我們向成功的人開戰。我們對它們徵稅使他們被遺忘,”霍奇斯感嘆道。 “那是迪克·德賓。而迪克·德賓現在想要剝奪你的選擇權。”


美國自然健康聯盟 (ANH-USA) 發布了自己的行動警報,並提供了一個提交門戶,用於將您的反對意見發送給國會。

如果它落空,德賓的法案將賦予美國食品和藥物管理局 (FDA) 巨大的權力,以消除該機構多年來一直在努力做的膳食補充劑的獲取。

ANH-USA 警告說:“Durbin 參議員的目標是與 FDA 建立強制性產品清單,這似乎無害,但遠非如此。”

“問題在於 FDA 正在單獨完成一個程序,以從市場上淘汰每一種不符合‘新補充’通知要求的補充劑,這類似於新藥要求,而 FDA 需要 Sen. Durbin 的名單來定位和提取估計市場上有 41,700 種補充劑。”





可以在 上找到有關政府為消除我們對自然的接觸而不懈努力的最新消息。



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