Bill Gates Vaccines are used for depopulation | 比爾蓋茨疫苗用於人口減少

The message is so loud and clear (from the mouth of Bill Gates) that “vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services” can help reduce the world population by 15%.  A 15% cut is not his ultimate goal.  His ideal world population reportedly is 100 million people.

Stupid people get eliminated first, unfortunately!  But 99% of people except for a small portion of super-rich people who are able to stay separated from the rest of us, are all at risk of getting eradicated from the world.

In your own eyes, you are something.  In the eyes of Gates, you are nothing!   You are humans that waste the resources on the planet.   He and his rich friends own the planet.

Gates has invested reportedly eight covid 19 vaccines.  Do you still trust that his covid 19 vaccines are safe to use?  You think Gates is your friend and all he is doing is do you a favor or help you in some way?  Who are you that deserve his help?  You are not qualified to be his friend!

信息如此響亮清晰(出自比爾·蓋茨之口)以至於“疫苗、醫療保健和生殖健康服務”可以幫助將世界人口減少 15%。削減 15% 並不是他的最終目標。 據報導,他的理想世界人口是 1 億人。

愚蠢的人不幸先被淘汰! 但是,除了一小部分能夠與我們其他人保持分離的超級富豪外,99%的人都有被世界消滅的危險。

在你自己的眼裡,你是多麼棒的人。 在蓋茨眼裡,你什麼都不是! 你們是浪費地球資源的人類。 他和他富有的朋友擁有這個星球。

據報導,蓋茨已投資了八種 covid 19 疫苗。 您仍然相信他的 covid 19 疫苗可以安全使用嗎? 你認為蓋茨是你的朋友,而他所做的只是幫你一個忙或以某種方式幫助你? 你是誰值得他的幫助? 你沒有資格做他的朋友!


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