Breaking! Dr Zelenko Warns Of COVID Vaccine Mark of the Beast System | 打破! Zelenko 博士警告野獸系統的 COVID 疫苗標記

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the medical tyranny plan to enslave humanity ahead of the globalist depopulation operation.


Most of us are busy making a living without knowing what is coming to us.

Dr. Zelenko suggested that the root of the problem is our sins.  In a sense, they are doing what we allow them to do.  They want you to receive their lethal shots, we accept them.   In order to stop this process that will eventually lead to a complete enslavement very soon with the technology available now, human beings need to repent and ask God for his mercy and salvation because the evil force cannot be stopped except that God intervenes.  The change they called global reset can be in 2026 as World Economic Forum claims.

澤連科博士認為,問題的根源是我們的罪。 從某種意義上說,他們正在做我們允許他們做的事情。 他們希望你接受他們的致命一擊,我們接受它。  為了阻止這一最終將導致完全奴役的過程 (很快,現在可用的技術),人類需要悔改並祈求上帝的憐悯和救贖,因為除非上帝干預,否則邪惡的力量是無法阻止的。正如世界經濟論壇所聲稱的那樣,他們稱之為全球重置的變化可能在2026年。

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