Catfish now genetically modified or bioengineered | 鯰魚現在經過基因改造或生物工程改造

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Generation of eco-friendly channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, harboring alligator cathelicidin gene with robust disease resistance by harnessing different CRISPR/Cas9-mediated systems (

Catfish has been genetically modified by researchers at Auburn University.  The GMO catfish becomes more resistant to infectious diseases and less likely to reproduce, according to a news report.

It is unknown when this MGO or bioengineered catfish will be made available for human consumption.  Other animals like salmon fish and pigs have been genetically modified.   GMO salmon fish has already gained FDA approval for human consumption.


目前尚不清楚這種 MGO 或生物工程鯰魚何時可供人類食用。鮭魚和豬等其他動物已進行基因改造。轉基因鮭魚已獲得 FDA 批准供人類食用。


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