CCTV host Zhao He dies: fighting cancer for many years | 央视主持人赵赫去世:和癌症斗争多年

According to the famous CCTV host Zhang Zequn, Zhao He, the host of CCTV’s financial channel and producer of “Economic Half Hour”, has passed away. The Red Star News reporter learned from people familiar with the matter that Zhao He died of cancer. He has been battling cancer. Not long ago, 61-year-old Zhao He retired from CCTV, but he did not expect bad news soon after his retirement.


Comment: Comment: Many famous TV hosts have died from cancer.  This again proves that exposure to electromagnetic radiofrequency can cause cancer.

評論:許多著名的電視主持人都死於癌症。 這再次證明暴露於電磁射頻會導致癌症。

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